HAVE: Anyone want poke salad?

bigeasyjock(z8Ms)October 31, 2004

I can go grab some seed. They are interesting large plants. Note that you can eat the very young leaf but once it begins to show any red color on the stem it will poison ya!!! I have it growing wild and leave it be since I like the plant itself not for the food potentials.


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I have seed of an attractively variegated variety of poke, if anyone's interested.

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I am getting hungrey for poke.I need to meander over to see if it is up yet.........Yum..

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Mine is way past the point of edibility. She is now at least 5 feet tall and a bright red. I'm planning on saving seed this Fall to make ink. I just have to see how well it really works. The seeds do stain a purple/blue. That I can attest to from experience ;o)

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