Need Advice for Hedge planting

kroach001September 26, 2009

I live on a farm off a busy rural route. Our old Farmhouse sits maybe 100 ft from the road. I would like to plant a hedge for privacy along the front of our property... doesn't have to be super tall because we are up on a hill a bit from the road, 5-6 ft would do just fine, but it does need to be reasonably dense. Can't have anything there over probably 25' because of power lines...

ANYHOW... I was thinking it would be GREAT if I could plant something edible there!!! Anyone have any ideas of something that would stay evergreen, be useful as a solid hedge AND edible?? If not, any ideas for a solid, tight hedge that doesn't require tons of shaping would be greatly appreciated!!!! The area gets full sun, excellent drainage, decent soil. I've read where some people use blueberries as a hedge, but I haven't been able to find a single picture of a good blueberry hedge online anywhere. I have blueberries planted on my property, and they are not very densely leaved at all. They are still young though and never having them before, I don't know, maybe they get more shrub like as they get older? Any and all ideas would be appreciated! A mixed hedge would be great too... edible is definately preferred though! :)

I live 15 minutes from "Edible Landscaping" a very popular nursery in Afton, VA that I see a lot of people on here talk about. I have purchased from them quite a bit, but sometimes they don't have the best selections...

THANKS ALL!!! I know there are some great ideas out there!


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We have Rose of Sharon growing along or 6 ft fence. It is dense and adds great privancy. The flowers and leaves are edible which the links below will tell you...we have not tried them yet. (We enjoy the blooms too much to eat them)
They grow in USDA zone 5 to 8.

This site says the flowers only last one day...we have the white flower and the pink flower and they stay from july through september and beyond.

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You could plant Filberts and instead of training them into a tree form, just let them grow in the form they prefer...A bush! I doubt they would get over 6-8 ft tall. You could plant Seaberries, they get to be around 6-12 ft depending on variety, Elderberries grow to about 6-8 ft, just space em at 6 ft apart, or you plant plum trees close for a neighbor did that and the only problem with that is, the amount of fruit suffers, but if you have a lot of trees it all works out.

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I would use the blueberries, but maybe a different type. Elliot blueberries get tall, but I don't know what would grow best in your zone.

Blueberries are easy to grow, especially if fruit production is your second concern. If you're looking for nice shrubs, attractive year round and great for the birds...blueberries would be great. Plus, what the birds don't eat, you can eat :)

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tsugajunkie z5 SE WI

What kind of soil do you have and do you know the pH? Blueberries need acid soil and need close attention to watering until established.


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You could always try a multi-fruit hedge as Toby Hemenway describes in "Gaia's Garden." He planted bush cherries, Manchurian apricots, currants, gooseberries, and many others. On the outside he left the wild fruit for wildlife, but he grafted domestic cultivars to the inside for him to eat. That way, you don't lose all your fruit if a disease strikes one kind. You'll always have something else for backup.

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