Nitrogen and Leaf Mulch?

frjeff(5b)September 28, 2010

I am tilling under leaves in my new, never gardened plot this Fall.

Should I be adding some nitrogen to assist the leaf decomposition? If so, how much per 100 or 1000 sq. feet?



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Yes, you should, but the amount is going to vary somewhat depending upon the type of leaves, type of soil, what was previously grown there, pre-existing soil N level.

You can approach this one of two ways -- you could have a soil test done, and go from there.

OR, you could just get a high N fertilizer and apply at the rate suggested on the bag. Personally, I would do the latter, much simpler.

I actually had a class in Crop and Soil Science, and for some reason the figure of 1 lb of actual elemental N per 1,000 square feet sticks in my head as a general supplemental amount for vegetable gardens, but it was almost 25 years ago, so I could be way off, or just plain confused in my old age.

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I have tons of worms in my soil. I turn the leaves under give the worms some time then put down manure and legumes. I also use legumes as a green mulch or living mulch. Legumes most always will return the nitrogen back in for you. Over doing it with dead leaves without taking some action leaves the soil weak.

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