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shesalittlebearSeptember 23, 2005

Hi There,

I have an area of my yard that is about 4'x27' where I used to grow tomatoes and annual herbs in between. Unfortunately, this year the tomatoes were hit with F. Wilt. I have decided that I wanted to try growing other things there next year and possibly this year winter vegetables. I thought that I would in this forum to see if there are any possible other suggestion that are worth trying. Thanks in advance for your help.



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dougnjess(z5 IN)

One way to help get rid of it is to bake the dirt with a black tarp. Pin it down over the dirt and let the sun bake it in the spring. You will know when it is done because there will be lots of germinated, sun deprived plants that are almost dead underneath. This saves on weeds, because the above plants are weed seeds that have germinated, and it helps take out some of the F. Wilt. This is what my gardening book said to do. I had F. Wilt last year, and no where else to have my garden, so I had to get rid of it if I could. To be on the safe side, I planted Rutger Tomatoes in another end of the garden and had perfect luck. No wilt this year on my melon vines, or tomatoes! Good luck!

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