What size container is needed to grow fruit trees in?

njbiologyOctober 31, 2008


I would like to separately start-off some Pawpaw & American Persimmon seeds this fall in plastic pot containers. I would like to know how large the containers should be if I intend to grow the seedlings in their containers for 1 to 2 years before planting in the ground else-where? The seeds that I plant this fall will germinate and sprout in the spring and I don't want the containers to be any smaller (or deeper) then necessary before 2-years time.

Note: I know that some nurseries sell 3 year old Pawpaws & Persimmons in 3 gallon pots; however, I do not know if that size is done to cut cost for them and if they need something more like 5, 7, or 10 gallons by the third year of growth. Maybe the size is not so important if you fertilize well-enough.

(Also, less-important: what is the cheapest online site for these containers?)



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Hi, Steve.

I think a one gallon would be big enough -- definitely for the first year, and possibly for the second year of growth.

SE Michigan

PS -- the Meaders are getting there, albeit a bit slowly, since it's been really cool here in Michigan for the past 10 days or so. Will keep you updated.

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Thanks, Dennis. I'm looking foward to it.


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