FFO Today Blackeyed Stella and more Pics

avedon_gwApril 15, 2012

Blackeyed Stella has the first blooms today. Wanted to get pictures before the storms arrive. Checked the radar, so far storm line is to the west, may arrive in a few hours, but that's a guess. It was wonderful taking photos this morning because the wind is calm, and there is a wonderful fragrance all around from the roses and the Hall's honeysuckle that grows wild in the woods to the west of us. Avedon

Blackeyed Stella

How about two of them?

This is the autumn sage--this is the burgundy color. I don't think it is as common as some of the other colors. This plant really gets going in the fall, hence Autumn sage

This is the bush of autumn sage, it is just starting to bloom.

This is caryopteris Summer Sorbet. This is a new plant for us, just put in the ground last spring. It is a fall bloomer, puts out lavender-blus fringy type flowers. The foliage has an odor to it, rather pleasant but it supposed to be bad to deer--is that good news, or what?

Out in the wildflower meadow, some larkspurs are starting to bloom. This is a nice purple.

Have to put in the blue cornflower--Hope Rita sees this one, so she can really see the blue color. I see the picture is blurry, but the color is true.

Another of our wildflower meadow plants--this is blue nigella , just getting started. Such a pretty plant, very feathery-looking.

Must put in a rose--bud of Devoniensis

Devoniensis--partially open

Devoniensis--full bloom--lots of petals. I think this is a good one to end on. Have a great day, everybody.

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Yahoo!! congrats on your first DL bloom I really like it. Be safe with the storms.

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mizellie(z7 Al)

The roses are beautiful. I can almost smell them. I love the wildflowers. I have a small bed with several different trillium and a lonely yellow lady's slipper. Lots of Jack in the pulpit and ginger with the blue star and some that I don't know the names of. Happy to see a daylily blooming. I have a few scapes but it's been extremely dry so they are a little slow. Ellie

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Nancy zone 6

First daylily bloom for you, hooray! Very pretty too. I haven't seen that color of autumn sage, I like it. Not perennial here, I suppose it is like the other salvias though, & would act like an annual? I grow nigellas too, so very pretty, & nice seed pods too. Wonderful color on the rose.

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Julia NY(6)

Autumn Sage is very striking. Your rose pics are so pretty. I'm tempted to add more roses here but, well, I have a brown thumb when it comes to roses. :-(. The last ones I have here require too much maintenance for me. I really enjoy everyones posts of the ones they grow.

Hope you weathered the storm okay.


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Thank you, Avedon, I enjoyed the tour, including the descriptions of fragrance. I especially love your wildflowers.

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jean_ar(z8 Ar)

Congrats on your first daylilt bloom, and h ow pretty it is.,too. the atutmn sage is very pretty, too. love your wildflowers.Antthing that deer thinks stinks is a plus.I sure wish they hated roses and daylilies.


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I will have to wait a while as in zone five ( now zone six, I guess) but I do have scapes showing on some of my species crosses--I get very little repeat bloom up here except from Happy Returns but I'm still anticipatin' We will get there!--But it's nice to see photos.------------------Weedy

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