*Wanted* Edibles for the yard

flipfishmanOctober 10, 2010

Hello everyone,

I hope this is the correct area to post this. I am a new member to the forum but have been a long time lurker. Great site with amazing information! I am in the process of transforming my yard into an all edible landscape (except for the magnolia :o) I am looking for people in my area that may have extra's, unwanted's, or looking to sell a few plants. Im just north of Daytona in Ormond Beach. Would love to get my hands on some Banana's, Figs, Muscadine's, Citrus, Berries, or anything else you may have. I also have 6 strong growing avocado plants that were started from seed. I would love to find a local, fruiting tree that someone wouldnt mind donating a couple of graft cuttings from. ANY and all info would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advanced.

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I am in Crystal River and I grow perennial tree collard, moringa, cassava, indian fig cactus, and another low growing spineless prickly pear. I don't mind trading. If I go to Ormond I would make a beach day of it.

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hi flip,
I have several kinds of passiflora vines that are edible 'fencing'
In spring I will have rooted cuttings of muscadine if you don't find any by then. Keep me in mind. Just look at my trade list :) I don't live near you, but the US post office works very well :)

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Hi! I'm in Deland and I have lots of edibles growing in my yard too. I don't have anything to sell or trade right now, but try the Florida Gardening forum on this site. I see a LOT of posters in that forum from right around your area, and most of them are also growing lots of fruits, herbs, and veggies. They have get-togethers and seed swaps all the time!

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