WANTED: Wild Violets

msklaas(Marshall, ARK)November 22, 2003

I am searching for wild violets for my wildlife habitat(white, yellow, purple, pink --- Viola Pratincola; Viola Rotundifolia; Viola Canadensis; etc. I would like mature plants as my soil is very rocky and I'll have to add humus, etc. Please don't send until April or May as our last frost is in April.

I have several herbs to trade and have lambs ear coming out my ears.

You may see my profile and what I'm growing and my wants are old fashioned flowers, roses. I have 2 Dr Walter Van Fleet climbers; 4 sport of Dr. walter Van Fleet; and two shrub non climber sports of Dr. Van Fleet (that I can't remember their names right now), but can try to take cuttings if someone tells me how and when is a good time to do it.


I live about 1 hour south of Branson, Missouri on highway 65S.

Thank you,

Marcia S. Klaas

Marshall, Arkansas 72650-9454

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Would love to work out a trade with you! I have the blue, white and yellow violets, in the spring of course. I am interested in your VanFleet roses. I have Sarah VanFleet, Magnifica, John Ruskin, American Pillar and Silver Moon(?).
If you are interested in trading, pls email me.
Thanks and Happy Thanksgiving!

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wild_iris(Z4 Adirondacks)

Hello! If you are still looking for violets to trade for herbs, I would be able to trade lots of yellow violets in the spring - probably May or so before they will be up. What types of herbs do you have? I am only interested in perennial herbs. Maybe we can do a trade in May. Let me know if you are interested in my yellow violets, thanx!

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did you get all you needed? let me know...Kelley

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Do you still need violets? Have pink (scented), white, and of course purple. Also, a few speckled, blue and white.

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grandmasgarden(7A AR)

Hi, I have lots of a purple blotched white violet-- I am about 40 minutes north of you--we could meet 1/2 way if you like. lmk

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