pls identify plant!

lion_531October 5, 2009


Pls identify this plant. I live in Manila, Philippines (hot, humid, tropical). The Chinese here believe that this herb, if it is really a herb, is a 'cure' for cancer, though I don't know how true is that.

It would be a big help if anyone can identify it for me, so I can do more research about it. And so if I find something interesting, I can share it with you.

Click link below to see image of plant.

Thank you very much!

Here is a link that might be useful:

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I've either seen it before or something similar. Do you have anything there like our agricultural extension service that is connected with all our universities? If not you might want to send an image of it to a southern US university or one that deals in tropical plants.
I'm not sure how a google search for broad leafed tropical plants would do. Might try.
Sorry I couldn't help.

Just a little side note. Some of the Japanese still think that mixing powdered gold in a beverage (water) and drinking it will help cure cancer too.

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That link doesn't work for me. Can you repost it?

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