HAVE: various prairie, woodland seeds, almost free

mrnatural(z5-6)December 15, 2005

Cleaning out seed stock. whatever you want for price of postage. pls see my listing; offer ends Jan 20th.

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ggopal(Chicago, IL z5)

I am interested in the following seeds from your list:
amorpha canescens - leadplant
amsonia tabernaemontana - bluestar
amsonia hubrictii - narrow-lvd bluestar
arisaema dracontium - green dragon
aristolochia tomentosa - dutchman's pipevine
asclepias exaltata - poke mlkwd
asclepias verticillata - thin-lvd m'weed
callirhoe involucrata - purpl poppy mallow
ceanothus americana - n.j. tea
desmanthus illinoiensis - illinois bundleflower
dioscorea villosa - wild yam
filipendal rubra - queen of prairie
hamemelis vernalis - ozark witch hazel
heuchera richardsonii  alumroot
manfreda virginica - american aloe
senecio plattensis
silene regia - royal catchfly
silene virginica  firepink
tephrosia virginiana - goat's rue
thalictrum dasycarpum - purple meadow rue

I have the following (mostly non-native perennials) that may be of interest to you.

tamarisk (Tamarix sp.)
sea-holly (Eryngium planum 'Blaue Kappe')
snow-on-the-mountain (Euphorbia marginata)
blue larkspur (Consolida oreintalis)
rose campion
sweet william - multi-colors
Salvia coccinea - scarlet sage
Salvia nemorosa - east friesland
Salvia sylvestris - rose queen
wild prairie onion
bee balm - Monarda didyma 'petite delight'
Liatris sp. (white flowers)
Linum lewisii (blue flax). I also just acquired Linum rubrum that has red flowers
polemonium - blue, yellow
canadian milk vetch
hollyhocks - mixed colors and bloom types

also have the following annuals
cleome - pink and white types
cosmos - bright orange and bright yellow - mixed seeds
bells of ireland
poppy - mixed colors and bloom types
calendula - orange and bright yellow - mixed seeds
balsam - mixed colors and bloom types

PLMK. Thanks

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squirrelspur(6B/7A NC)

You must have a great yard/garden.
I would be interested in any of the following and please look at my trade list to see if any of interest to you.

coreopsis tinctoria
eupatorium coelistinum
hibiscus laevis
parthenium integrifolium
penstemon cobaea
silene regia
verbena (any)
vernonia (any)


Here is a link that might be useful: My list

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oogy4plants(6B MD)

Wow! Great list! Thanks for the offer. Send me your address and I will post a SASE to you very soon.

I am interested in:
amorpha fruticosa - wild indigo
amsonia tabernaemontana - bluestar
aristolochia tomentosa - dutchman's pipevine
asimona triloba - pawpaw
any baptisia
dioscorea villosa - wild yam
geranium maculatum - wild geranium
gentiana andrewsii - closed gentian
heuchera richardsonii - alumroot
any liatris
any iris
pycnanthemum incanum
pycnanthemum tenuifolium- mtn mint
silene virginica - firepink
trichostema dichotomum - blue curls
uvularia grandiflora - bellwort
viburnum trilobum - hibush cranberry

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taylmat_OK(z6B Tulsa)

Hi, great list and I'd love to see your yard!

If any of these are still available I'd like to have:

amsonia tabernaemontana
asclepias incarnata
aster oblongifolius
callirhoe involucrata
chrysopus camporum
coreopsis tinctoria
gentiana andrewsii
liatris pycnostachya
liatris squarrosa
oenothera macrocarpa
oenothera fruticosa
penstemon cobaea
penstemon digitalis
salvia lyrata
solidago rigida
vernonia arkansana

Please send e-mail for address and how many SASEs to send!


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taylmat_OK(z6B Tulsa)

Sorry, my e-mail address was incorrect; it is fixed now.

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grolikecrazy(6-7 UT)

Hi, I'm taking a chance at this very old post, that you might have accumulated more seeds since 2005 to be willing to SASE a newbie who doesn't know what she's doing. My trade list is pitiful , but I have tons of Ginkgo seeds...
I would love to have any seeds you are willing to let go for "almost free" Thank you for listening. Chris

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what seeds do you have left for postage?

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