jstn01October 31, 2012

I would like to know where the best places are to order some of the more rare blueberries such as Rebel, Primadonna, Farthing, and Scintilla. I have 45 of the most common found blueberries like Misty, Jewel, Oneal, Star ext. just looking for some different ones to add to the program. Any suggestion or ideas would be greatly appreciated



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Hello Justin,
Trueblue Plants in Florida has a good selection,as well as Just Fruits and Exotics.Horner Farms in Georgia has a few on your list.But I talked to Connie Horner to order some Sweetcrisp and because I live in Washington,she said it wasn't their territory and referred me to Island Grove out of Florida,but their prices seemed high and I'm not sure if they can send to Washington.Berries Unlimited also comes to mind.
Being in California might include restrictions also. Brady

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