Need advice on planting location for currants

nothwehrOctober 31, 2010

I plan to plant three currant bushes on the north side of my one-car free-standing garage. They will be planted about 12 inches from the wall of the garage and trained on a trellis (espalier). The issue is that the roof does not have a gutter and the water will drip almost directly onto the location where I want to plant the currants. As it is a 1 car garage the area of the roof (one-half of the total) that catches the water is not that large. Previously there was a mixture of grass and mossy plants that did just fine there. I'm wondering if the water dripping off would be too much for the currants and I would be better off installing a gutter. But if I did that the currant would be much more dependent on me watering them. The soil gently slopes away from the garage and the area seems well drained. If anyone has any advice please let me know. Thanks!

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Do you plan to put in this place black or red/white currants?

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Well, since I posted my original message I planted the three currants - red ones - and they got rained on (and dripped on from the roof) the very first night! It hasn't rained since then but tomorrow I will install a gutter. Since they will now be under a bit of an overhang it remains to be seen how much I will need to water them on a regular basis.

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