OT: some iris pics

Nancy zone 6April 4, 2012

A few iris in bloom here

Daughter of Stars with a peony starting up

Earl of Essex


All Revved Up

Carnival Carousel maybe? Got it in a trade 3 years ago. It finally bloomed, but doesn't look quite right to me.

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Very pretty, love the colors. Avedon

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newyorkrita(z6b/7a LI NY)

Oh, the iris show is starting. Wonderful, wonderful. I love the Iris show. Can't wait for mine but right now it's tulip time here in my garden. They are all lovely.

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Your trees are all leafed out already! Starple is my favorite; looks very regal.

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Very pretty Nancy! I really like Starple and All Revved Up.
It is beginning to look as if my iris are going to bloom okay after all even without winter.

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Love your irises! My favorites are Daughter of the Stars and Starple. I just had to go back and look again. All Revved Up is really nice to! Marg

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Julia NY(6)

I like the one called Starple but they are all nice. I like the coloration on the falls. Your garden is really popping. I just noticed today that the peonies here are starting to poke through.

Thanks for sharing for your pics.


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jean_ar(z8 Ar)

very Pretty iris..I had some once my daughter gave me, as she went and dug them up at a big farm and I made a bed for them and planted them and she made a special bed for hers too,and the first year they were so pretty, but the second year mine all turned the same old muddy looking color and was ugly, then my daughter says hers done the same thing.all turned a muddy looking color, so I was through with iris.


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Nancy zone 6

Thanks everyone, I so love my iris, almost as much as my daylilies :) I'm seeing new bloom stalks every day. The weather is set for a cool down thankfully-possible light frost next week! This is the first year for bloom on Starple & All Revved up. I've had Starple for a couple of years, thought it had died so pleasant surprise.
I think the trees you are seeing are all evergreens-neighbors on each side of us lined their property with spruce. Each of them have a big brick mansion & manicured lawn, I like the white country style house with lots of-guess what-FLOWERS! Suits me, I love the privacy & I hardly know they are there. But anyway, even though the photos don't show maples & other trees I have, other have already bloomed & leafed out. Crape myrtles aren't showing anything yet, but hydrangeas are starting to leaf out.
Jean, I've heard people talk about their iris changing color, but I've never had that problem in any of them. I've had a few iris since I moved into this house, 17 years, although didn't really start collecting til about 8 years ago.

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Maryl zone 7a

How pretty. I hear that people can get as hooked on Iris as they do on daylilies and from how diverse yours are I can see why. I remember the wild Iris when I was a kid that smelled so wonderful. I think they've come a long way since then. Are they still as fragrant?....Maryl

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Nancy zone 6

They can be very fragrant. I don't cut mine to bring inside, the scent can give me a headache. I don't mind them outside, but DH complains about his allergies in the spring. The worst of his allergies begins when my iris start, but I don't think he has caught on to that yet. I haven't mentioned it either :)

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