My edible landscape page on facebook. Please join.

martenfisher(9a)October 28, 2010

I am going to be posting plants I feel are great for garden architecture. Things that are not so common or are common and people just don't know you can eat them. If you have ideas post those and plants you feel are good for garden architecture. I want to make this fun for me and eveyone. The concept is getting rid of useless landscape plants and replacing them with alternatives you can eat.

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Three years ago I got rid of all of my water-wasteful, labor intensive landscaping when I replaced my fence. I wanted to start an edible, sustainable, organic landscape from scratch. I love this idea and will be tracking the Facebook page daily for tips and ideas.

My first project: planting a cover crop of hairy vetch to overwinter. I will till it into the very sandy soil in the spring and plant red, white, and sweet clovers mixed with field peas and soybeans. (I'm trying to improve my soil. I just had 10 yards of organic compost delivered and am working it into the top 6" of soil right now.)

Any tips or ideas are most welcomed! Peace, love and tie dye! GO GIANTS!!!!

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I liked it!

Here is a link that might be useful: How Does Our Garden Grow

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