OT: Brent&Beckies Bulb Order Placed already!

newyorkrita(z6b/7a LI NY)April 7, 2012

Ha, ha, ha. Just did it again. I just placed my order for Bulbs from Brent and Beckies. Lots and lots of looking much of yesterday afternoon but since I had everything in wanted in the cart finially, I decided I might as well order now. If I close the cart it all goes away and I have to start all over. I ordered-

50 Iris-Dutch - Sky Beauty

50 Iris Dutch Rendez Vous

50 Iris-Dutch - Rosario

100 Iris Dwarf - reticulata 'Alida'

100 Crocus-Spring - chrysanthus 'Advance'

50 Crocus-Spring - ancyrensis 'Golden Bunch'

50 Tulipa Jenny

50 Tulipa - Come-Back

25 Tulipa Mother's Love

10 Narcissus - Baby Boomer

25 Narcissus - Pipit

25 Narcissus - Gigantic Star

50 Narcissus Capree Elizabeth

25 Narcissus - Itzim

Almost $400.00 with shipping but since I got the early 10% off it made up for my shipping so shipping free because of discount.


150 dutch iris

100 iris reticulata

150 crocus

135 daffs

125 tulips

total of 660 bulbs

I just had to have those COME BACK Tulips and then I had to order two other kinds of tulips there also. And I wanhted some more dutch iris so of course I got them too.

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Holy cow, Rita, that's a lot of bulbs!

I have had my eye on Gigantic Star for a while. Now you have me considering it again. I like it when the description says 'good perennializer'. That's my kind of plant.

Will you have to shovel prune anything to make room for all of this?


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newyorkrita(z6b/7a LI NY)

Oh no absolutely no shovel prunning ever to make room for spring bulbs. And this is my second bulb order of the spring. I already ordered 825 bulbs from Colorblends of which 700 are tulips, 100 crocus and 26 hyacinths. I still have my much larger order to do which I will be getting from Scheepers and Van Engelen (their wholesale division).

I have wanted to get really serious with the spring bulbs for years and my plans for daylily beds ALWAYS included spring bulbs amoung them. But it has taken me this long before I had the beds all done the way I wanted so I could finially get more bulbs in.

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roxanna(z5b MA)

Rita, you are such an enabler! My Brent&Becky's catalog has been sitting here for several weeks and I have been slow in putting together an order. Lo! here you come with the push I needed, and I just sent my order in. Got the 10% off, too, which did cover the shipping nicely.

I got 7 different daffodils, 4 types of tulips (including 'Carmine Parrot' which I adore -- so gorgeous!), some Ipheion (new to me) and one batch of dwarf Iris.

I think that will do me for now. This is the year I must dig and divide my huge clumps of 'Ice Follies' and spread them around, and I forgot I had potted up some daffs and scilla last fall which are doing well. Those will get put into various garden beds eventually.

I so enjoy the photos of your gardens, now with the spring flowers and when the daylilies are blooming. Thanks for sharing!

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newyorkrita(z6b/7a LI NY)

Well, Brent&Beckies have wonderful items. I am glad I reminded you to order. Your bulbs will be lovely.

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Nancy zone 6

You have a lot of work ahead of you this fall, Rita, but you are always busy. I plan on putting out a few more daffs, maybe some tulips, but nothing on that scale. I always seem to pick up a few things from Brent & Becky's each year, love that place! And when they have their end of season sale, I pick up a few more things. Choices are more limited then, but I can't turn down the prices :)

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newyorkrita(z6b/7a LI NY)

Nancy, go for it. Everyone needs more bulbs. I have never ordered from Brent&Beckies end of seasons sales because by that time I am long done with my bulbs for the year. I have to plan what goes were carefully plus I need those bulbs in October to plant as it takes me a while to get done. So I know those sales are terriffic but I just ignore them.

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