Daffs and Daylilies

Chris_in_the_Valley(z7 MD)March 18, 2012

Doing a garden tour after dinner at Mom's I saw that her Daffs are way too crowded. I'm betting I'll get over 50 bulbs from each clump when I dig them out. I have in mind a great location for them and want to do daylilies with them. I've always heard they make a great combo because the daff foliage dies out as the daylily foliage shoots high.

How do I plant these flowers? Do I alternate them every 4 or so inches? Will that spacing crowd them out too quickly? Anybody have experience planting these together?

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While the two are a good combo, I would be careful not to plant the daffodils too close to the daylilies. Both will multiply, and the daffodil foliage takes a long time to die back. Too close, and the daylilies will be hindered by the daffodil foliage in a few years. I would space at least 6 inches.

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gottagarden(z5 western NY)

put the daffs BEHIND the daylilies. They will bloom first, then the yellowing foliage will be hidden by daylily leaves, if they are not right in front of them.

My friend has her whole driveway lined with daffs and daylilies and it is a great way to use the same space.

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Thanks for posting this!!!

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Chris_in_the_Valley(z7 MD)

Thanks! 6 inches it will be. And behind, not entwined.

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Hi Chris,
The first place I ever heard of this combo was in the White
Flower Farm Catalog. I just checked online. They of course sell things and expensively. They offer two different collections one for south one for north. The proportions they suggest are 50 daylily plants with 100 daffodil bulbs. They suggest mixing. The easiest way is to have the daylilies planted and then put the bulbs around
before daylilies go into dormancy. Just from experience
it seems to me that 6 inches is far to close for daylily
divisions--12 would be minimal, to let the leaves mound out
maybe even 15. Are you doing a narrow space or will you have several rows of daylilies? I would and do mix them
together because the purpose of putting them in the same bed is so that the daylily foliage will hide the decaying
daf. foliage. If the daffodils are planted in back their
foliage will still be obvious while it is maturing.

I'm not advertising for WFF, their prices are too high for
plants people are glad to share but I think their advice is
good. If you give them enough room they should be quite
lowcare and have 2 spectacular seasons--March/April and
late Jun/early Aug here where I am in zone 5.

This year my naturalized daffs are over half in bloom, in sync with the forsythia and I don't even see any daylilly foliage yet. In another part of the garden peonies are not only up but several have flower buds already--two months ahead of their usual mid-May blooming date and they were all transplanted last Thanksgiving which is really too late. Crazy weather.

You should have a beautiful bed.


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Chris_in_the_Valley(z7 MD)

My Stella d'oro are about 8 inches high and the daffodils are gone. First one bloomed January 30. However, Mom's daffodils -10 miles away - are prime just now. Her peonies are about a foot high already.

My plan is to put the daffodils at the top of the retaining wall at the head of her driveway. With GottaGarden's suggestion I think I'll do a row of daffodils with a row of daylilies on either side. Probably short ones because I don't like tall plants at the top of a retaining wall. Or at least I find Hosta flowers physically painful waving against the sky. I'm not terribly experienced with Daylilies, I always had a shade garden. I'll be driving over to Oakes Daylilies soon to pick out a few. This is not a one year project. As fast as daylilies spread, I'll eventually fill it out with divisions. Is that a foolish approach?

Eventually I want to have passion flowers swagged over the retaining wall. For the Tennessee State Wildflower, I'm finding it awfully hard to propagate.

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