Sweet Potato Vine Potato edible?

swampmonOctober 22, 2006

My wife planted several Sweet Potato Vines as ornamental covering on our property this year. This was our first year planting these. We had an early frost this year and when we went to pull the dead vines away we noticed it produced a HUGE potato. We were wondering if this variety is edible? It has the shape of a regular Sweet Potato (only huge) but the skin color is more towards a regular potato which is reddish/purple and the inside has a whitish flesh. Any info on edibility or how it tastes would be helpful!!!

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Hi. Just a couple of questions. How big is the potato? I've seen some over here in Hawaii that are about 11 inches long and about 4 inches wide at its widest point. Anyway, if it is indeed a sweet potato then all parts are edible. As for skin color and flesh color--these factors are quite variable. I grow one that has a red-brown skin and a dark purple flesh. I am looking for one that I ate a few years ago that had a purple and white "swirled" flesh. I have eaten ones that have a white flesh, a yellow flesh, and of course the ones I have mentioned. Last mention--sweet potatoes taste sweeter after being cured for a few days to a week. Hope this helps.

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Hello. I'm new here. Sweet potato vine is edible in my country. We eat the young leaves and they're good. Sorry, I can't compare it in another vegetable. We add them in dishes-Filipino dishes but I can't recommend to substitute it in place of spinach. However, we substitute it but depends on the dish. As for the other poster, maybe the purple flesh you ate before is called purple yam (Dioscorea alata). Here's the link that it might help: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ube

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The actual sweet potato (as opposed to yams) depending on variety can grow quite large. I did not know you could eat the leaves of sweet potato, but I work with lots of filipino's and a very good friend told me that yes, they eat the leaves and they are very good.

I live up here in alaska, and as far as I know we can't grow these up here. I'm wondering if you can also eat the leaves from Yams too?
Linda T.

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I've checked out the ornamental sweet potatoes such as the lime-green one and the one called "Blackie," and the plant tags say they are "Batata edulis." "Edulis" means edible. That is the same name as the sweet potatoes offered for growing to produce a root crop. I plan to try them at the earliest opportunity. By the way, save some for spring, check out propagation(it's easy,)and you can replant next year for free!

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hi muddy2shoes.. this link doesn't seem to work:
I am confused bc wiki says not edible but does not say why or provide source.. looking for a reliable source that would show one way or another...

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Ok, after reading all this I am going to cook up the little sweet potatoes that formed this year and re pot the huge ones that were in my neighbors potted patio arrangement. !!

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