Got Two Roses From Chamblees Today

organic_kitten(8)March 27, 2013

They looked very healthy, but they are siting in the shed since it is supposed to be close to freezing tonight, if not dead on. I am sick of this cold in March. We are supposed to be at least 25 degrees warmer, but I'm sure I will wish for the cool soon.

Anyway, I got Loretta Lynn, lovely peachy pink with some deep gold tones, and Wild Blue Yonder. The own roots (HTs) generally do well here, whereas the grafted ones tend to run out of "steam" after 15 or so years.

I love Wild blue Yonder and have two grafted one, but they had a fair amount of cane die back this year, so I am hedging my bets with an own root.

It smells good too. My plants from Annie's Annuals should be here tomorrow.

I'm making progress in my weeding, but still have quite a way to go.


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hosenemesis(SoCal Sunset 19 USDA 8b)

I love Wild Blue Yonder! It was one of the prettiest roses I saw at Descanso Gardens. Nice choices.

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natalie4b(7b GA)

Wonderful choice, Kay! Spring is coming - it WILL BE here soon . It better be!!!

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Thanks so much. Renee, I have had my other Wild Blue Yonder roses for about eight years now. It is one that I really love, and one of two where I bought two. (Midnight blue is the other one...see a pattern here? Most of my roses are Old Garden roses, but I have to have a few HTs and shrubs.

Thanks Natalie, I surely hope spring is almost here. I'm tired of the (unusual for here in March) freezes. Today is supposed to be a good day to work in the yard, so I will be weeding, but also digging holes for roses.

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After two weeks of beautiful 70+ temps, Everything popped into bloom and Easter Sunday was perfect.
The next day - BOOM! Temps dropped back into March temps with 40-41 degrees F. for daytime highs and 30s at night. Weird. So far, no freezes here, but they got snow up in the Panhandle area.
It has rained continually over the past three days. That is the good part. We can use the water!
It has been chilly, dark as dusk, and very, very soggy...that's the bad part.

I need a break from all the gloom and chill.
I am so wanting to plant my tomatoes!

Beautiful roses there Kay.
I've seen pictures of both roses you ordered.
Can't wait to see pics of them growing in your Cottage Garden!

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