caper bush planting reccomendations?

chilemilioNovember 5, 2013

Good Morning,

A friend of mine has gifted us a caper bush as a house warming present. Google investigations seem to have a similar trend on over watering sensitivity, and gritty soil recommendations.

I'm pretty new to the home landscaping thing, does anyone have any recommendations on how to plant the tree to avoid water build up? main reason is that the soil around the house is very dense clay type.

I dug a giant hole (~4ft deep) for a small lemon tree, replaced the dirt with mostly garden soil. I thought it might have been overkill, but the soil stays pretty wet for a while. despite the deep hole, drainage is not so good.

My theory is that maybe a shallower/wider hole, with the roots somewhat above ground level, in a mound, might do it. but thats based on very limited experience.. any help would be greatly appreciated

kind regards, -E

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floral_uk z.8/9 SW UK

I can't offer personal experience but I have seen many capers growing in the Mediterranean area straight out of old stone walls with no irrigation other than natural (scarce) rainfall. I would imagine that you need extremely gritty soil and no watering after the initial settling in period.

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