figgery pokery in downspouts

drasaid(zone 8)November 26, 2012

Do you have unproductive downspouts on a large building? Are you allowing the metal rooftop to collect dew all night and then run down the spouts for nothing? Are you failing to use this profitable source of irrigation?
Well, worry no more, for Figgery Pokery will solve this problem. Go to your nearest fig tree (dormant is nice, but I have done this in spring and had some take) and nab some of the watersprouts coming up from the roots. Be sure you get some root. Stick the rooted sprouts in water, and wait a day. Next day, bring your spade, bucket o'fig sprouts, and some old organic fabric (old sheets, shirts, all cotton, old wool sweaters are good too. Newspaper will work if it has been soaking with the figs). Poke a hole in the dirt at the end of the downspout. Gently put rooted end in. Put the fabric on top (or some of the wet newspaper) Cover with leaves, rocks, grass cuttings, or whatever so the fabric or newspaper does not show. Dump any extra water on top. Repeat with other downspouts until you run out of figs. Wait a few years, and if no one messes with them you'll have nice fig trees fruting. This works well around warehouses, and in industrial 'parks'. Someday a person will walk by there and be hungry and be glad of those figs. Yes, some places resent interference in their nonexistent landscaping, so don't make a fuss. Just plant.

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I love your idea! Outside of the trespassing and malicious mischief, ofcourse. Call your project, "Random Acts of Propogation," RAP for an acronym. Every project needs an acronym. Ask participants to post their achivements on your comment stream, without the references to trespassing, etc. Participants can subit posts like, "I rapped five times in Texas and all is well!"

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drasaid(zone 8)

I got dissed for illegal gardening. Bummer.

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lisascenic Urban Gardener, Oakland CA

A more intensive version of seed bombing.

I love it.

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