organic_kitten(8)April 9, 2012

Thanks for posting the picture with the Million Bells. I ordered some of that this morning, since I like the look of it for the rose garden. I have lavender in one area, and I always plant alyssum since I like the white blossoms and the purple usually is what comes up.


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Kay, I wanted to do some checking on the Million Bells before I replied. When I bought this plant, I knew it was listed as a tender perennial, so I only expected to live until the frost killed it. It was a big surprise that it survived and grew so big. We can only surmise that we hit the right spot, and since it is on the south side of the house in the swimming pool garden, that the climate and drainage must be just what the plant wants. Now, it did really die back pretty drastically in last year's drought, but the sections that lived were mostly right up under the roses bushes. I do not know the color name of this one, but I consider it to be a fushcia color, very intense. I don't think the photo I posted shows the true color. I googled a number of websites and this plant seems to be tricky for some people to grow, so I guess we were really lucky. Something else that might be of interest--evidently some strains are hardier than others, so perhaps we have one of them. We joke about our plant being an alien from outer space, probably was grown with radiation treatments. LOL. Good luck with your plants. Avedon

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I usually have good luck and get wonderful plants form this grower, Garden Crossings. I bought a plant from them last year that is not supposed to be blooming this year (biennial) but it looks as if the huge clump had enough that didn't bloom last year that we may get bloom this year. We'll see how it does. I had a silly petunia that didn't die last winter, and we all know they are annuals.


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