ornamental sweet potatoes

jane8_25_47(z5 OH)November 1, 2004

I just dumped pots of ornamental sweet potatoes and discovered I had :) potatoes in the pots. The chartruse-leafed one had red-skinned potatoes & the deep-cut leaved one had white-skinned potatoes. The question is, are these potatoes edible??? The plants make beautiful foliage plants, but I never had actual potatoes before. Could I somehow save one of each potato and start plants like you do with a regular sweetpotato??

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muddy2shoes(8B Houston TX)

Jane, I was curious about the same thing, & I found an article that says ornamental sweet potatoes are edible. You can use the link to read the same article. I heard somewhere that you can get new plants from the old but I don't recall the details. I wintered over mine in a pot in the house. Hope this article helps you.

Here is a link that might be useful: ornamental sweet potato

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gardenpaws_VA(z7 NoVA)

Yes, it's extremely easy to propagate ornamental sweet potatoes from slips off the potato, or just from cuttings taken before you dump the plant. I've never grown a sweet potato that wouldn't root in water in no time flat - right now I have Margarita, Lady Finger, and a white-fleshed sweet potato grown from the cut-off end of one we bought last year for New Years (my husband is Japanese, and we have to have Kuri Kinton for New Years, among other foods).
FWIW, both Blackie and Margarita were selections that showed up among varieties being trialed for eating, according to Allan Armitage.

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And all this time I was lead to believe they weren't edible. I've been composting them all along. So has anyone actually eaten them yet? If so, did you treat them as any other potatoe? According the link above the tricolored is also edible. trudyjean

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I am a Horticulturist for a large garden here in Utah! When we dug up ours---we had hundreds of pounds of them---Yup--all went to the dinner tabble! And a few are in storage for next years crops! LOL! Crops(for me)--DIsplay(for others)!!!


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Pierre_R(z9 Riviera)

These ornamental sweet potatoes are unknown here french Riviera where they should thrive.
I would like to get some little roots. Any available? I will pay sending costs and may be exchange another plant.

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