Long-blooming daylilies

luvtosharedivsApril 12, 2008

Can we start a list (I love lists) of long-blooming daylilies? I did a search and came up with over 500 results.....don't want to go through all of them. I'd rather hear from all of you.



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Hello Julie,

I need a little clarification by what you mean by long blooming.
Do you mean number of buds on a scrape?
A daylily with 50 buds on a scrape will bloom over a longer number of days than a daylily with 10 buds on the scrape.
Or, do you mean rebloom? ie putting up additional scrapes once the first scrape is finished blooming.


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Hi George,

Someone one the Wisconsin forum asked for suggestions for a daylily with a "long bloom time."

I already suggested the "Happy Ever Appster" daylilies that send up three sets of scapes per season, and I think she's familiar with other "everblooming" cultivars. But I'd also like to suggest some that bloom for several weeks straight.

Sooooo, yes, I'd like some suggestions for DLs w/high bud counts which will bloom for a long period.

If I'm correct, the following may be long bloomers:

Always Afternoon, 6 weeks
Cindy Meacham, 7 weeks
Emperor's dragon, 6 weeks
Fairy Tale Pink, 6 weeks
Jersey Spider, 8 weeks
Mary Todd, 7 weeks
Paper Butterfly, 11 weeks (maybe a re-bloomer?)
Royal Occasion, 7-9 weeks
Upper Class Peach, 6 weeks

Any more?


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i_c_dillies(7 NC)

I have one named DASH DASH. This little daylily blooms constantly all summer long. It sends up scape after scape after scape. The blooms aren't big, nor are the scapes tall, but it's constantly packed with blooms. AND it makes me SMILE and say 'AMAZING'. What a little work-horse.

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shive(6b TN)

Do you really get much rebloom in Wisconsin? I've only had 6 weeks of bloom out of Always Afternoon once out of seven years, and that was when two of the scapes rebloomed. Usually, that one blooms for about four weeks here, and I don't get rebloom.

I don't have any that bloom for more than 6-7 weeks, and that's including the ones that rebloom. Most daylilies give me 3-4 weeks of bloom on the first scapes. And then another two weeks IF they rebloom.

The most prolific rebloomers here are Moonlit Masquerade, Little Wine Cup and Black Eyed Stella. When we're not in a severe drought, I ususally get three cycles of bloom out of those.


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Thanks Lrae,

I'll pass that one ('Dash Dash') on to my friend.


No, we don't get much re-bloom here, unless we get plenty of rain, and if the original bloom is early season.

I found the above list on a site that listed some long bloomers. The only ones I have from that list are 'Always Afternoon', 'Fairy Tale Pink', and 'Mary Todd'. And they don't always give me 6 weeks of bloom.

I just thought some of you could share some of your long bloomers, maybe w/o the repeat.



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