Nancy zone 6April 11, 2012

Dumortieri is in bloom, almost 3 weeks earlier than usual. It is always my first to bloom, about a month earlier than other daylilies. Hard to get a decent picture of it

Now for the off topic pics :) A few more iris in bloom

Blue Skirt Waltz. I need to charge up my old camera, I think it captured colors a bit better, at least certain colors. This looks like a deep blue, actually a nice medium blue

Oddly, Merchant Marine is a much richer color than this is showing, more like the color you can see on Blue Skirt Waltz above. Looks so much better in person, but you can see the gorgeous ruffling

Crooked photo of Role Model :)

Open Your Heart, a really pretty iris

Carnival Song

Fogbound- this has made a nice tight clump


Snowball bush is in full bloom today. Must have liked the cold last night

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newyorkrita(z6b/7a LI NY)

Well now lovely first daylily bloom of the year. I remember you having that one first each year. Snowball shrub is a winner! And those iris all look very good to me.

I found a stalk on one of my Tall Bearded iris yeaterday and was totally shocked. Much too early for it here.

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Cindy zone 6a

Very nice!!! I really love Carnival Song.

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Hooray for your first daylily bloom. I don't even have any scapes here yet. I really like your Fogbound iris, it's easy to see the landscaping value of that one.

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How pretty! The daylilies are ON! I love the iris. Let's see ...Open Your Heart is my favorite, but I really like Fogbound, believe it or not. I like the deep blue color of Blue Skirt Waltz, and I like the name too.

Snowball bushes are superb things to have. Love it.


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Waitforspring(6 MA)

I know you were expecting this one to bloom any day, but it's still a big day when the first daylily actually opens. Nice iris--especially that clump of Fogbound. Love that snowball bush.

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Lots of pretties here--I do like the Fogbound Iris and the snowball bush. Avedon

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jean_ar(z8 Ar)

wow, some pretty blooms at your place. The iri are pretty, but, I like that snowball bush.I have never seen one before, before Kay posted hers.Haven't seen any here.

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Nancy zone 6

Thanks Rita. Dumortieri isn't a real looker, but it is one of my first signs of spring, usually, so I keep it around. I think you & I are supposed to be in similar zones, I guess I expect zones to be similar, but ours don't seem to be much alike. I was zone 6, but some maps have upgraded me to 6b/7, which I think is probably more accurate.
Cindy, I like Carnival Song too. I can tell I was into that "type" of iris last year, I have several new ones blooming that are similar to Carnival Song :) My first love was blue iris, then pink, one year I got a lot of purple plicata. I still love the blue irises, but obviously have my phases. Same thing with daylilies too.
Christine, Avedon, & Val, I am really liking how Fogbound is so erect & tight. A lot of bloom at one time. Many of my clumps, while the stalks are't really flopping over, they don't seem to be standing tall like this. I'm thinking of my Daughter of Stars in particular, but I bet it is because it needs dividing.
Kay, something about that orange beard on Open Your Heart that I really like. I have a few plicatas, but this really has nice form I think.
Jean, I love the snowball bush, it is much bigger than I ever expected it to get for that area, but I just don't have the heart to cut it back. It is just so impressive. Snowball bush is the common name for it, but it is a type of Viburnum, I think. I wanted this shrub because my mother used to have a snowball bush. She had a hydrangea too, that looked so similar & seemed to bloom longer, but I always like the snowball bush better. I wonder if mine is a different variety though, it seems as if hers had larger blooms. It has been so many years though, & I was a child. I may just be remembering it differently.

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Julia NY(6)

I just love seeing the pics of your iris. So many different colors it puts me to shame here. One day, I'll finally have a variety of colors too.


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