ID Help: white wormy roots from this mint like plant

phalden(z9 CA)November 17, 2008

Anyone seen this before? It's supposedly medicinal. I took a small bite, chewed a little and spat it out. It's very crunchy but has no taste whatsoever.

The plant produces small purple flowers in clusters like a basil plant I vaguely recall. Too bad I didn't take a picture. I'll do that next year.

I love the roots but the plant is plain ugly.

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kind of looks like lemon balm too me. Unless it's in a container I'd exterminate it immediately. It smells nice and looks nice, but is very aggressive and difficult to eradicate. Than again it could be something else, but that's what it looks like to me.

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look up the "crosne" threads currently in the Veg forum. Or google crosne. These are so difficult to find, you are lucky.

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phalden(z9 CA)

Thanks jeremyjs and especially glib. For your generosity and time, if either of you want some, I can spare a few roots. They are not mine, but I can ask nicely for some. Email me and I'll provide my address. I think $2 should cover the padded envelops and shipment.

Thank you so much!!

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Given the nature of the plant, it is, IMHO, a fine vegetable for permaculture. But my yard is divided in heavily fortified, fully cultivated zones, and zones where permaculture has repeatedly failed (due to deer, mostly).
So I will pass, but thanks for the offer.

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west_texas_peg(8a West Cen TX)

I would be very interested in some of these. My husband is diabetic and I'm always looking for something that he can eat that is low in carbs.


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phalden(z9 CA)

HI Peggy,

You can buy them from this site. I purchase herbs and other interesting seeds from them.

It's 7.55 for a potted plant.

Here is a link that might be useful: Horizon Herbs

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