Can someone help me.

forestelvesDecember 17, 2009

Bizarre foods has made me relook over whether or not 'Basjoo' musa fruits are edible, because what he is eating in other countries isnÂt eaten in Americans because its consider DOG FOOD or PLAIN SICK in our country because its poor manÂs food and some of the foods he eats comes from poisonous plants and animals. Plus, I havenÂt seen anything he has eaten beside raw privet parts of an animal that I wouldnÂt like to try.

Are the flowers and leaves of the 'Basjoo' musa usable for cooking?

Plus how come plantains are consider edible and the 'Basjoo' musa plants fruits are not.

Plus in order for plantains to be edible they must be cooked like taro roots and leaves.

Plus taro roots are poisonous but they are eaten anyway so how come I canÂt use the 'Basjoo' musa fruit.

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beachbarbie(z9a/8b NC)

I'm assuming you mean Musa basjoo.
I don't know why the fruit is considered inedible, maybe it just doesn't taste that good.
I would definitely think you could use the leaves in cooking.
Hope someone gives you a more certain answer. I'd like to know too!

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chills71(Zone 6b Mi)

from what I've read (not that my basjoo has fruited), the fruit of Musa Basjoo is very fibrous. it is considered inedible because our teeth are not equipped to eat something as fibrous as the fruit of basjoo.

Whether cooking or another process can be done to increase the edibility of the fruit, I cannot say.


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