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vertigoatJanuary 13, 2006

I figured I'd stop highjacking Swap Thread and start a new one and introduce myself since it seems to be an actual community here.

Michellelee-LOL On the orchid comment. I never got them to rebloom but the only way mine met death was by a ferret shredding them one day. Keeping Spidey the spiderplant alive though has been a challenge. I think with the orchid thing though I just got lucky and found ones that liked the warmth and humidity by my aquariums. Totally lost when it comes to these outdoor plants...

TreePalm-I'm afraid of the "seeing new plants I might want" part. lol My two fears are that A.> I won't properly take care of the plants OR B.> This will become a new, all consuming obsession. Looking forward to seeing everyone's plants though. It sounds like a really great event with some really nice people.

Nightnurse- AHCK! I didn't mean to insinuate anything about anyone else! I didn't even think when I posted that question. I'm just awful shy and stuff and don't want to be rude... I'm really curious about your recipe for black-eyed pea cornbread btw. I have a weird amount of both canned and dry black eyed peas I need to use up and no idea what to do with them.

I live in an apartment and my balcony gets eastern morning sun. It's also a small space so I'm trying to figure out how to go vertical. I'm also building a plant stand in my kitchen that, when it's done, should be 55"x48"x12" and have 2 levels, each lit by 4 48" fluorescent lights.

I've had some bad go rounds with terrestrial plants in the past. The only plants I have to my name right now are a christmas cactus, spiderplant, schefflera, sago palm, some sort of cast off dracaena and outside there's the primroses that the squirrels keep sitting on and by my front door there's a pot of pansies because the winter's killing me and I needed something alive to greet me at the door. There's also a norfolk pine thing for the birds to sit on out on the balcony. That's it for my plant family. Oh, there's also Ben the ficus cutting that's been living in a water glass for about 6 months. He just keep growing and I'm afraid to plant him since he's alive and doing his thing and I don't want to kill him. That's me and my plant family. That's not counting the 6 aquariums- 4 planted, 1 reef. Got a whole lot of plants in those.

Most of what I know about plants comes from the aquariums.. It's weird to not see people obsessively measuring their fertiliser in ppm, hooking up CO2 canisters, and measuring their ph weekly in these forums.

Trying to make a wants list and keep it reasonable given light available, space, and my ability to care for them. Looking at the space I have for them and the plants I love.. I'm thinking my balcony's going to be for all the plants that I think of as Sweet And Old Fashioned. I love bleeding hearts and ferns, pansies & violas.. I have a big soft spot for lilies. There's something about them, probably because grandma always grew them. Crocusses are another plant that I just can't help smile and know spring will finally be coming for real. Blue bells just tickle me pink. Something about geraniums just does me in too. I have the weirdest fetish for plopping their pot in empty metal coffee cans. Even the years I've done nothing with plants during the summer I still usually have at least a pot of geraniums. And allysum mixed in.. And usually by Independance day I cave and mix up a pot of red geraniums and white allysum and blue lobelia.

I have another long standing love affair with fuschias, though my dad left me with the impression that they were annuals by tossing them and buying new ones every year. I'm horrified now as I read that they could have been overwintered. I also remember sitting next to a huge honeysuckle bush and reading for hours. I'd like to have a honeysuckle of my own to read a book with again.

I guess I don't get into house and garden plants obsessively like my aquatic plants. Most of my love for them seems to be based on childhood memories, past associations and missing living in a house with a garden, which I took for granted growing up. Neither rarity or having vast numbers is really the draw for me either. They're just beautiful and peaceful and happy.

I also want to grow herbs, and be able to keep them inside as well for my kitchen plant rack. I really like cooking and nothing beats being able to go cut your own right when you need them. Aside from the herbs, and desperately needing more light in my apartment, part of the push for building the light rack was to be able to grow tropicals. Doubt I'd have that obsession except my boy grew up in hawaii and after seeing the plants, and bringing back a few cuttings that are at his place and flourishing, and how much joy they give both of us.. I'd like nothing more than to be looking at a plumeria while I make morning coffee.

Luckily if push comes to shove on space or light I can just sneakily migrate plants to my boyfriend's house! I don't question or comment much on his need for electronics so he looks the other way when it comes to my own obsessions usually.

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Don't worry! I didn't think you were insinuating anything. Just wanted you to feel comfortable making a list. We all have them. I would be happy to bring you some things at the spring trade. I have a couple of hardy geraniums that would look nice in a pot and probably quite a few other things that would do fine in containers.

As an aside to our exchange topic (as they don't really like us to get off topic here) I would be happy to share the recipe. Its pretty simple and makes a great side dish or brunchy item. I don't have my own recipe here at work with me, but here is one I found online that is basically the same:

Black-eyed Pea Corn Bread

1 lb. pork sausage (Like Jimmy Dean's-use hot if you like spicy foods)
I onion, chopped
1 c. corn meal
1/2 c. flour
I tsp. salt
1/2 tsp. baking powder
2 eggs
1 c. buttermilk
1/3 c. vegetable oil
¾ c. creamed corn
8 oz. grated Cheddar cheese
15 oz. can or 2 c. black-eyed peas
chopped green peppers or green chiles to taste
Procedure: Cook sausage and onion until brown. Drain and set aside. Combine cornmeal and other dry ingredients. Beat eggs, buttermilk and oil together. Combine this with dry ingredients. (Batter will not be smooth.) Add sausage, onion, peppers, corn, cheese and peas. Bake in a preheated 350F oven for 50 to 55 minutes, until done. (If you use a cornmeal mix, you can eliminate the salt and baking soda.-I usually use Jiffy corn muffin mix) Use a 9 x 13-inch Pyrex casserole to cook it in.

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Dear Vertigoat,

I am interested in seeing your list of aquatic plants. It's easy to post a list of what you are growing in your aquariums on your GW exchange list. You can even post photos and descriptions of the plants in your journal, which builds the Hortiplex database.



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michelelee(z8 WA)

Hello. Well knowing you have a balcony is a good place to start. I will bring some seed with me also. Have alot of items that would do well in containers in small spaces. What kind of light does your balcony get? Michele

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Hey, I dropped off the face of the earth. Some brutal work hours with no days off. Sorry about that.

Nightnurse- I'll try and stay on topic but that cornbread looks incredible. Looks perfect for a Sunday morning. Thank you so much for sharing. A perfect way to use up my abundance of black eyed peas:)

I don't have anything really great anymore.. It's kind of embarassing and disheartening. I apologize for being a lazy bum here but are you interested in tropical aquatic plants? The things I need to go revive are things like my crypt collection that went through a melt when I neglected them and need to beef back up.. nothing spectacular..
c. balansae
C. retrospiralis
C. Spiralis
C. lucens
C. petchi
C. willisii
C. walkeri
The worst of it is they can be a pain to identify at the best of times and right now they're melted to nothing.. being crypts I'm sure they'll come back but they're going to need some coddling.
I have the usual stuff like E tennelus
some vals and Sagittaria subulata, I mowed those down when I moved tanks but they grow like weeds so I'm sure, especially if I give them some plant love, that they'll be back strong soon..
anubias nana that I'm karmically obligated to share because the original piece was given to me maybe 7 years ago.
I killed or preemptively gave away all the fun stuff like glosso, my toninas
honestly don't know if the Didiplis diandra, Ludwigia arcuata or Heteranthera zosterfolia is kicking around in a tank somewhere or not.
Like I said, it's embarassing. Not sure if that's any help or not. My digital camera's a battery sucking older one and I need to get rechargable batteries before it's much use.. which is a good excuse to buy time to get my tanks, and their plants, looking at least somewhat presentable.

Thank you very much! My balcony's eastern exposure.

Really looking forward to going and hoping nothing interferes. My boyfriend's scheduled to go back to London in early Marchand I've already explained his flight plans can't conflict with this. He's not very impressed with it but I think he caught the determination in my voice.

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jburesh1388(z8 WA)


I can bring sword fern if you like. Let me know if you have room for a 2 gal. Nothing in return needed, except maybe some of the treats you mentioned. mmmm

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Hi Vertigoat,
I can bring some herbs like oregano, chives, garlic, prostrate rosemary and thyme. Let me know.No trade necess
ary.I am glad I can bring something for you just like these friendly gardeners did for me 2 years ago.

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