Best Company To Order Daylilies From For Florida?

evie1955(z9 Tampa)April 27, 2012

You may email me if you'd like:) Thanks so much! I'm just so sick of thinking I have a particular types, planting it and a year later only to find out it's not at all what I thought I planted...

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I've ordered from Ladybug before and got nice plants. He usually has a marked down selection as well as regular.

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Are you looking for FL growers or daylilies that do well in FL?

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dementieva(Zone 9 - Houston)

I would think you would have good success with any southern growers who field-grow their own plants. I haven't bought from many sources, but I have gotten only correct plants from Maryott's. I have three from Bell's, but they haven't bloomed yet so I'll have to report back later on those.


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I live in Kissimmee and I find that the FL grown do best for me. I've received nice plants from Dan Hansen of Lady Bug Daylilies, the Pierces of Floyd Cove, the Trimmers of Watermill Gardens and Phil and Pina Reily also Nicole Devito of Nicoles Daylilies, Luddy Lambertson of Art Gallery Gardens, just do a web search for FL daylily growers in case I missed any. I have had no problems on getting wrong plants from any of these growers and if I ever did I'm sure they would set it right.

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cavamarie(z8b/9a FL)

Gene Wynn is awesome. Reasonably priced, and they are gorgeous.

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evie1955(z9 Tampa)

Thanks for all your replies. Yes, I'm looking for the best reblooming daylilies for Florida. Appreciate your help:)

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evie1955(z9 Tampa)

As I stated before, most of the daylilies I bought last year are not what I ordered, they are pretty hoever I'm guessing they aren't reblooming and they are of all heights. I did have acouple bloom I'd like more of so I will try to cross pollinate.

Does anyone here have a list of reblooming yelloe daylilies that do well in florida? The shorter and mid heights would be something I'd consider.

I'll post a pic of the 3 I'm trying to cross pollinate. Thanks:)

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Gene Wynn is the only one mentioned that I've ordered from.
I ordered last year and was very pleased with them.

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I am up to 28 reblooming so far. I don't know if there will be as many as last year, but I discovered 7 today! I like rebloom to extend the season.

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evie1955(z9 Tampa)

Very nice Kate:)

TY Ruth, I'll make sure to check the mout.

TY cavamarie, after I post this message, I'm going to your link. TY for sharing.

TY houstmag. I appeciate you taking the time to give me the info on where to purchase from.

TY Nate, I think you're on to something:)

TY dipsandtets, both of the above:)

TY Lisa:) I'l lneed to check out Ladybug for sure:)

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