Spring Display

mantis__ohApril 15, 2014

Some people asked for garden pictures (I assume that it is understood that they will not be of daylilies). Sad to be posting this on a day when wet snow is falling and tonight's temperatures (at least mid-twenties) will probably do a lot of damage. But such is the world that gardeners deal with.

This one is from the hospital garden. I think this is the old Ice Follies, which managed to pretty much bloom out before the cold onslaught. A local Springfest also brought out hordes of college students, who trampled the beds like a herd of wildebeest.

Loper poses in front of Lemon Glow, another earlier one:

Jetfire, an early cyclamineus:

Pink Silk, with Passionale behind it:

Sentinel, another superb pink-cupped cultivar. A close-up, of course, but the flowers are very large.

Golden Echo, with Wisley (larger) in background:

Salmon Impression

Pink Charm Flowers are smaller than the earlier pinks shown.

White Emperor glistens in early evening.

Not sure of the names of these orange-cupped ones in the back yard.

Some people rave about By George, but I find that it fades in the sun and its stems are not so strong as I would like.

Mon Cheri--short, but long lasting and good stems.

Las Vegas

Wisley, a superior early bloomer with excellent stems

Ara--another good early bloomer, with cup held high:


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HoosierBob SW Indiana Zone 5

Mantis, Thanks for the beautiful, spring-like pictures. Thanks for taking the time to label them, too. With the lousy weather and cold temperatures tonight, I needed a pick me up. I appreciate you taking the time to post these!

Bob in Indiana

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Love all the daffs and especially the tulips and anemones, which I've never grown successfully. Great pics.

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Julia NY(6)

So nice to see blooms and gardening is more than just daylilies. I did not realize your area was so far into the bulb blooming season. Thank you for sharing your pics.
BTW, we too are getting rain/snow mix here and very cold. Tomorrow, the sun will be out and we turn back to spring.


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brit5467(7b/8a Coastal VA)

I'm like Bob. Haven't had cold weather. Quite the contrary. Had a weekend and Monday of 70+ degrees so been gardening like a crazed animal. But today it's raining, windy, cold and I feel like a caged animal. And after buying many smaller potted plants still sitting on sidewalk, I hear there may be frost. UGH !!

So what a lovely treat !!

BTW, not familiar with Anemones....how old are those and how many plants are there (or are they from seed)?

I love blue flowers and need some. Other than some Speedwell Georgia Blue and daffys, I have no early blooming flowers. I'd love to get some of those. How long do they bloom?

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Bloodroot lasted as long this year as they ever do.

This is Toto.

Bonnie, the anemones here like a protected spot, but they bloom a long time and are quite perennial if they like the spot.

Julia, this year the earliest blooming things actually fared better, as tonight will take its toll. You can be glad that yours are not so far along with this freeze.Yes, we here in southern Ohio are ahead of zone 5, but let me tell you, we had a Michigan winter this past year.

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sara82lee(8a - SE Va)

Bonnie! I must bring you some cut tulips before mine start drooping. All my daffys are spent already. I know it's not the same as having them in your yard. . . Mine came from Walmart on clearance a few years ago (cardinal sin of gardenweb, to purchase any plants from Walmart I know, lol). So they were cheap for big bags and I really didn't much care exactly what the varieties were. So anyway, there's my recommendation for Walmart bulbs, hehe.

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Camelot blooms past midseason. Will be zapped tonight. Chris, these pics are from my new Sony Rx100.

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brit5467(7b/8a Coastal VA)

Sara, I'''m just the opposite. My tulips never came up but still have daffy (apparently have 3 stages of them, or whatever you cal them). Early, mid and late bloomers.....that's it !! So you can have some dafffys (narcississ, or joquils or whatever....lol),

I never got to email you back but I'm terrified about this weather. FROSST expected. I JUST bought lotsa plants from Lowe' /and hey...i love Walmart plants. forgive my typiing. Tablet not playing nice. Bye....no proofing.... :)

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Really? In Virginia? We had somebodies winter, not ours this year, maybe it was yours. And, I hope Canada will keep the door closed! Your air conditioning was not appreciated long term...heck, you could have saved a little for summer when we could use it.

But the daffs and tulips are almost gone. the Snowballs and azaleas are blooming now. the iris have a lot of bud showing and, this afternoon, I am going to check to see if I lost in ground daylilies.


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brit5467(7b/8a Coastal VA)

Yep, Kay.....Virginia. Around here, they say "if u don't like the weather, give it a minute....it'll change." Hahahaha

Well, got most plants up on porch so no damage. Don't really if we got frost or not...lol. I'm so outta it. Got a hurt (gardening) back, that's my excuse...lol.

Mantis....thx for the info. When u say protected, what exactly do u mean? I really want to plant some. See my zone...is that ok?

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Here in central Florida, we don't have anything like the spring bulb displays one sees further north. Everything pretty much starts to begin blooming at the same time. Well, almost at the same time.

Our Cannas, for example are beginning to look good.

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brit5467(7b/8a Coastal VA)

Ohhh. How beautiful!!

Amd Mantis...forgot to mention ....Loper is also beautiful. Such a poser...lol


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Our Guara have also been blooming for a week or so, and will continue to do so until fall.

This is Guara Pink Fountain

In the lower left-hand corner of the picture some Confederate jasmine is showing. The jasmine are just about at peak, and filling the area around them with their perfume.

The small shrubs in the background are ruby loropetalum.

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Your gaura is blooming profusely. I've never found it hardy here.

The anemones do fine here on the south, east, or west side not too far from the house. Further north, I am sure they are less reliable.

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Julia NY(6)

I looked up Guara and it says it should be hardy to zone 5. I think I've seen that in several nurseries around here too. Lovely and I just might add it if the price isn't too high. I use to grow cannas but it got too tiresome to dig them out each fall and store them and then replant the following year and so the cycle goes. I gave up last year.

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All but three of our Guara plants were purchased from Walmart last year. $4.44 each, as I recall.

They were sold as Guara, Pink Fountain, and I think that's what the light pink ones are. Among them, however, were two of a much darker pink, and a white one.

Yesterday, we purchased two more (to fill in a gap) from a nearby nursery. Their price $4.99 for a bigger, healthier plant.

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This thread discusses the problems gardeners have had with gaura. http://forums2.gardenweb.com/forums/load/peren/msg0523545330380.html Yes, it is sold at garden centers here too, but whether because of drainage or winters or whatever, I have not found it to be a good choice here.

Here is Fiery Parrot after our freeze, which really zapped a lot of things. Tulips can be resilient, though it got down to only 29 (enough to badly burn lilium, new rose shoots, and new growth on many perennials).

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TNY78(7a-East TN)

Love seeing everyone's flower pics daylilies or not...and of course the beagle baby :) I have a hard time growing bulbs due to moles and other underground pests, so I really don't plant them anymore. For some reason they leave my iris and daylilies along though...they just like the tulips and daffys!


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Maryl zone 7a

I don't know how this almost passed me by. I loved seeing the daf pics, especially since you named them. In our climate and heavy clay soil we usually have to stick with the Jonquill varieties, so it was really nice to see the large cupped beauties. I've never seen a garden photo of Bloodroot either......I grew a Gaura from seed that lasted many years, but all the ones I bought from nurseries or box stores bit the dust. Don't know why. Probably our hot/humid summer and our clay soil. I blame that for every thing-lol............Maryl

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wren_garden(zone 5b/6)

Oh Mantis, This is just a total feast. It is also encouraging. Lake Erie near us is till stuffed with ice. My bulbs are up only 4", blooms still in the offing.
I have never had Guara over winter either. Not hardy here. Love them but have to think of them as expensive annuals.
Thanks again for the stunning display.

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Here in central Florida, the wild Phlox have been blooming for three or four weeks, and are still going strong. They're not as colorful as tulips and such, but they are everywhere along the highways and in the fields.

This photo was taken on a very bright, sunny day, which affected the quality severely.

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