Eldeberries for jelly - green ones and stems?

MOUR4MeDecember 18, 2011

I made a successful batch of elderberry jelly last year and am attempting it again. (I froze the berry clusters and just now got them out and combed them off the stem clusters. I still have a lot of small stems and it looks like I must have had some unripe clusters because there are quite a few green ones in there too. Should I just throw the whole batch out? Or can it be OK as long as I cook it long enough and add a bit more sugar? Also, I thought I read somewhere last year not to try too hard to remove all the tiny stems because the juice will be strained past them anyway. But I will simmer them first, and I don't know if that would release some bad toxins.

Here is a link that might be useful: IntegriTivity - Creative Computer Solutions

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Ever heard of elderberry fritters? You dip the flower head (small stems and all) into a pancake batter and pan fry. Yummy tastes like a sweet asparagus to me. So no small stems are not a toxin.

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