WANTED: Golden seal seeds, native american heirloom seeds

nationMarch 16, 2010

please see my trade list. and post a follow up if your interested in trading.

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I am wondering what are lilac-seeds that are very fragent
is it the lilac tree or maybe a flower that i do not know about. could you inform me please. also i read about your
herbal ointment. this is very nice and usefull. it must have been hard to make. champs (martha)

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Hi Champ,
the lilac seeds are the lilac tree in which the blossoms are very fragrant.These shrubs/trees are very old trees probably an original heirloom lilac the trees here are probably over 70 years old. when the blossoms come the yard is "filled" with a strong lilac scent. I hear starting from seed takes a long time- but also a money saver if you are looking to create a "wall".

This ointment is not "hard to make", but I believe in conscience gathering of plants, making sure that the plants are gathered at the time in which the plant is at it's medicinal "optimum". I carry this "consciencness" into the making of the ointment, with each step of preparation having to be "just right" in order to preserve the original qualities of each plant.

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ontnative(5b Can/USDA 4)

Nation, Richters (www.richters.com) has goldenseal (hydrastis canadensis) seeds and plants in their catalogue. I ordered some plants a couple of months ago, that are supposed to be sent to me in April-May. The seeds are quite expensive.

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