Question About Sprouting Daylily Seeds

alameda/zone 8April 1, 2012

I found some refrigerated seeds from 2010 and put them in the hydrogen peroxide soaking solution 2-20-12. They are all a similiar cross - havent had any luck with them germinating. Other seeds from 2010 have taken a little time but have germinated and are now potted and doing well. I have changed the water periodically and discarded the seeds that were soft. Am I wasting my time with these seeds or should I continue to soak them? Should I put them back in the frige for a couple of weeks? Thanks for any advice!


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cody_mi(z5 MI)

if they've been soaking for over a month, i'd say pitch them, they most likely won't germinate at this point.

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Julia NY(6)

It is up to you but I'd dump them too.


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Based upon your question/comments, you do have interest in these seeds .... Why not experiment with them rather than just tossing them ... put them into the freezer for a day or two then thaw them out and perhaps repeat - extreme representation of 'winter' and of attempting to activate the chemistry within the seeds that controls germination protocols. Some seeds(NOT daylilies) need extreme heat and some actual freezing to facilitate germination. Germination ease or difficulty is a genetic phenomenon it seems. There is little to lose with the experiment IF you wish to save the potential within those seeds.

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anna_in_quebec(z4 QC)

I always winter-sow my daylily seeds, and have great success :)

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I hope you put them in a warm, dark closet. They must have absolute dark to germinate. Some just won't germinate, though, in spite of it all.


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