Tropical conifer collection in Miami

eric_9b(z9b Orlando)June 17, 2008

Last Thurs. I visited the Montgomery Botanic Center in Miami. This is the former estate of Col. Montgomery who was the founder of Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden. It is located just down the street from FTBG. They are a private research facility with one of the worlds premier palm and cycad collections. There are some older conifers there but they have started a collection of tropical and subtropical species. Lots of young plants in the ground and a whole lot more growing in the shadehouse. It will be a spectacular collection in the future. They are working with the Atlanta BG and Kew Gardens. Click on the link for some photos of some of the plants I saw, there are 2 pages.


Orlando,FL z9b/10a

Here is a link that might be useful: tropical conifer photos

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Wonderful !
Thanks for sharing your photos !

PS. that Neocallitropsis pancheri doesn't *look* like the real thing -- is that juvenile foliage ? (Thnx)

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salicaceae(z8b FL)

The N. pancheri is definitely correct. It is juvenile foliage. The plant is still small. There is a larger one at ABG.

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kman04(z6 KS)

Those Gymnostoma species are not conifers. They're flowering plants in the order Fagales(related to Beech(Fagus), Oak(Quercus), Chestnuts(Castanea), etc.). Some of their close relatives(Casuarina cunninghamiana and C. equisetifolia) are invasive weeds all across the tropics(including parts of Florida). I hope they're being watched carefully down there!

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eric_9b(z9b Orlando)

I just hadn't moved those Gymnostoma species out of the conifer album. They are in Casuarinaceae and was told that a close watch was being kept on them. They just have a coniferous look to them like the Casuarina ("Australian Pines") that are naturalized here.

Orlando,FL z9b/10a

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kman04(z6 KS)

"They are in Casuarinaceae... Correct and the Casuarinaceae is in the order Fagales, which includes the Fagaceae(Oaks, Beech, Chestnuts, etc.). The common name for the Casuarinaceae is the She-Oak family. They are very convincing as conifer look-a-likes. They even produce what superficially looks like Pine cones from a distance.

I forgot to mention, very cool photos. Thanks for sharing them!

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