Todays Pictures of the Garden

newyorkrita(z6b/7a LI NY)April 8, 2011

It cloudy and feels damp from all the rain we had. Don't know were all the warmer weather that they say is coming has gotten too.

My row of Red Alert Lilies is coming up nicely in back of a section of daylilies in front.

My Dutch Iris, or at least some of them. Daylilies in front of them. They are not even near blooming.

At least the Forcythia is blooming.

Front yard color.

Going to be lots of tulip bloom when the daffs are done.

Tulips in front of the frontside daylily garden too.

And the Maria Daffs.

Blooming all along the walkway.

But the other side is not blooming.

I love the color on these.


Daffs around the garden.

Daffs by the house.

More Daffs by the house.

Daffs in the backyard by the daylily plateau.

And a closeup.

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The daffodils are really coming in to their own. I like the variety that you have. The tulips will be beautiful clumped like that, and those lilies will be something else!

It seemed as if my dutch iris would never open, but it will come. Everything is looking beautiful. I knew it was time for you to post again. You have a lot of lovely daffodils now, and that whole row yet to come.


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Nancy zone 6

Your daffs are really looking great. I love those cyclamen daffs, and can't wait to see your tulips and dutch iris. Like Kay said, those lilies are going to be outstanding. They are growing really well. They are a really dark red, aren't they? Should be beautiful.

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newyorkrita(z6b/7a LI NY)

Kay- I try not to post too much since there is not too much new. At least not in bloom. But I can't help myself LOL! I do have even more variety in daffs, at least I planted more fancy ones but they don't even have bloom stalks yet.

I wanted lots of tulips since the ones I had really petered out last year. They go for awhile and then I have to add more. This should be the best spring though because I have never added this many before.

You know I am just on pins and needles waiting for those Dutch Iris to bud up.

Nancy- The row of lilies in the picture are Red Alerts. They are a hybred. Deep black red vivid color. I really love them.

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newyorkrita(z6b/7a LI NY)

Honestly, I have more daffs (and tulips too) that are just coming up now and way, way behind the others. Some are in places that I didn't do pictures (will when they bloom). Some are planted here between the Tb Iris in Tower Square Garden. They are really hard to see. But there are tulips there coming up and daff folliage that is just about impossible to notice in the picture as it is just past breaking ground.

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Beautiful pics, Rita. Your daffodils are just spectacular and I'm so jealous -- I only have a few!

I always get so excited when the daffs & forsythia bloom because I know I can start gardening again. The anticipation is always just as exciting in the current year as it was the year before and the year before that, no matter what I accomplished in those previous years. Isn't that what makes gardening so great!

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newyorkrita(z6b/7a LI NY)

Well, I wouldn't have that many if I hadn't put in all those ones last fall (mostly out front).

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Those daffy's are wonderful. Can't wait to see those Red Alerts. Your daylilies look great, it won't be long till you are seeing scapes. sharon

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Wow Rita, Things are really coming down there. I wish we would get some warm rain to get things going but none so far.
Is that your view across the road? Is there water out there? How lovely!

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newyorkrita(z6b/7a LI NY)

The water you see in back of the parking lot is Long Island Sound. I can just look out my picture window in front and see the water. There is a 16 acre park accross the street and a beach. No houses on that side, only my side. It is really nice here, especially in the summer. The park is under used. Busier on the weekend but very quiet weekdays.

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Cindy zone 6a

Very nice to see everything greening up so nicely for you. Wow, those lilies are really up, mine are just starting to poke their noses out!! Just love the daffs in front of the trellis,and along your walkway. those pavers in your walkway look so nice. I have only one type of daff just starting to open, Mount Hood, and it is usually not the first one, Hopefully this next week things will get started.

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newyorkrita(z6b/7a LI NY)

Ha-ha. That front yard walkway and steps down to the street cost a bloody fortune. One of my hardscape projects and the biggest one I had ever had done. Turned out great though so I am pleased. So since I had that nice new walkway I decided I needed Daffodils blooming along both sides. Another good idea of mine, I love the way they look there.

Not all of my lilies are up that much. They must just like it there as they come up early.

I am thinking removeing the daylilies that used to be there in front of that trellis and putting those early daffs and then tulips in front of them, are one of my better ideas. There are still daylilies up there to both sides. And of course daylilies below in the planterbox terrace. I plan to overplant the area with zinnias for summer color.

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blue23rose(6b IN)

Really like all the borders, Rita. Your daffodils are so pretty. It may not be warm, but your flowers look like sunshine:) Vickie

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jean_ar(z8 Ar)

I really love your fancy daffodills.They are really pretty.and I too, love your front walkway.Its gorgeous and early daffs there on each side is fantastic.I have lilies up and buds on them already..I took some pictures today, too and tried at least a dozen times to upload them to Photobucket and it just didnt work,I did manage to get one picture in it,and none of the others.I dont even know what I done for it to upload the one.


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I love your terraced yard. I know you have a lot of hard work in that yard, but it is looking great. Do you know which clematis(es) you have on your trellice. I put up a new trellis this year, but I haven't planted anything on it yet. I like the two colored clematis look. Sarah

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newyorkrita(z6b/7a LI NY)

Vickie- Thanks. I like all the daffs but I have been especially loving those orange trumpet ones along the front walkway.

Jean- Use the bulk uploader on photobucket. Just hit on upload and then you will see the bulk upload option. Just follow instructions. It is really, really easy and so fast. No non uploads like on the common one. I was having troubles with no uploads too so just switched to the bulk uploader. No more problems.

Sarah- If you are referring to the black wrought iron trellis in the front yard in the pictures above, there are honeysuckle vines on them that bloom for me all summer.

I do have Clematis on a tower. I have four kinds so the color and the look of the tower changes as they all come into bloom. I planted it years ago so don't remember the varieties I put on there.

I did a new one this past spring. Put four on there also. One of then was The President, then Nellie Moser and can't remember the others. I make sure that I mix colors though to make it look like what I want.

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newyorkrita(z6b/7a LI NY)

I can see out by front windows that the daffs on the opposite side of the walkway are starting to come open. Yesterdays warm weather must have helped. Today its raining and I am waiting on a break from the rain to be able to go outside and take a closer look at them.

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newyorkrita(z6b/7a LI NY)

I snuck out while the rain stopped for afew minutes but no pictures as it started big splats of raindrops again. But I did get a chance to see that the first of my early tulips out in front is just about ready to open. It's going to be a deep purple color. I got the early tulips mixed colors for that section.

Then the daffs out along the other side of the walkway are deffinately coming. Afew half open and one totally open. I was really looking at them carefully. Much larger flowers than the Maria daffs on the other side. These are York Minister. Taller and deeper colored than the more common yellow daffs I have around the garden. I don't see the blush of orange in the trumpet the picture in the Brent and Beckies catalog shows but maybe it comes as the flower ages. Anyway, they are quite pretty and just look wonderful en mass like that. The Maria daffs on the other side certainly look great en mass on their side of the walkway.

Truely, I am not sure if these are just a later blooming type or it is just that side is more shady than the other side so that makes them grow slower. I noticed that the daffs around the yard open first in the more sunny spots and then the others followed.

Out front on the belgium block mini terraces were I have a scheepers mix planted there are finially lots of new ones open. As you probably know from my early pictures, they started with the common yellow colored early daffs. But now there are white with yellow trumpets and big flowered yellows mixed in. It really looks great.

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Julia NY(6)

Looks like spring has sprung for you. Hope your enjoying your labor of love.


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