WANTED: Any Aquarium Plants

solidbrass(7-Oklahoma)February 18, 2008

I could use a little help from fellow aquarium plant lovers. I lost all my plants (and $2,000 worth of fish)during an ice storm that left me without power for 14 days. I will gladly pay postage via PayPal for just about any common oxygenators, grasses, or floaters. Among these, I particularly like:

Anacharis, all moses (java, star, etc), any of the Vals or similar grasses (from micro to jungle), Wisteria (planted and floating), anubas and crypts. Anything else that works well in ph 7.0~8.0 will also be considered.

Thanks in advance for any help

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tortoisekeeper(6 TN)

I have some java fern and some hornwort if you are interested.


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I have Anacaris and Rosette Minature warter Hyacinths

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Thanks for your reply. I received plenty of anacharis, but I am still interested in the Minature Water Hyacinths. However, there seems to be a problem with the email system here on garden web. If you don't hear from me before you read this, please email me at thisledown@hotmail.com


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Thanks to all who replied. Messages sent. Great bunch of people here.

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