Abies koreana Aurea -- diagnose problem

ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5June 18, 2011

long cool spring.. no frost/freeze [odd for me here] ... 6 inches of rain in may.. on sand with complete drainage .... cool enough that everything was late in coming out for spring ...

then about the time everything budded out ... except pine... 3 days of 100+ heat ... and high humidity.. which lasted the rest of the week ... the meadow.. aka lawn.. went from lush and fast growing.. to browned out for summer in 5 days ....

2 weeks later.. i see the stuff below ... i see now.. in the pix.. its last years needles .... so i guess i should define winter .... winter was on the cold side of its normal 5a ... and consistent from december thru march [no horrible mid winter thaws] ... no winter warm periods .... and consistent 2 feet of snow.. and an ice storm or two .... the pix are around 4 to 5 feet up ... on the SW side ... the damage is not consistent around the whole tree.. that i noticed ...

that should get me past dans default number whatever.. not enough facts ... lol ...

whats your diagnosis .... i am favoring.. sunburn based on heat... what do you think


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ademink(z5a-5b Indianapolis)

Is it just on one side...like maybe the south and/or west sides? if so, i vote sunburn too

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.....I have no such damage on my Abies koreana Aurea here in Montreal.
But I do have similar type of damage on my Tsuga canadensis Gentch White..... "go figure" :O)

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I agree with sunburn


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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

do you think it sacrificed some older needles to maintain the new buds at the time of the emergency???


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I don't know, but I saw the same damage at several ' Aureas' on the sunny south side.


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