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honeybunny2(Z9TX)April 15, 2011

I use to have alot of dayliles, but lost them to rust. I waited until I knew the rust was gone. I destroyed all the plants, and even replaced the soil. Waited two years, I knew the freezes would kill any signs left by the rust. Last year I decided I would start replacing, I put an order with Maryott's. Since they are rust free. I ordered Front Porch Swing, Jerry Nettles, As Time Goes By, Sea of Cortez, Off Beat, Choral Fantasy, Pirate King, and SC Sea Shells. They sent gifts of Annabell's Blush, Secret Friend, Sun Silk, Quack Fire, American the Beautiful, and Strawberry Sensation. I have been feeding them with alfa meal,and dried molasses. I cannot believe how beautiful the blooms are. The only plant that is not happy is Secret Friend. The best bloomers are As Time Goes By and Pirate King. It may be too early for some of the others. This year I decided I would continue to rebuild my dayliles thru Maryott's. I ordered Casa des Juan, Franks Star of Bethlehem, Fashion Police, Eyes Right Jones, Roses and Gold, and Wonders Never Cease. Does anyone know if these will do well in Texas? I am zone 9 coastal. HOT-HOT-HOT. I did put cypress mulch around the plants. Barbra

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newyorkrita(z6b/7a LI NY)

I don't know about how hot it is in your zone but I do know that everyone just loves, loves, loves Maryotts. You have picked a great place to restart your daylily collection. Sounds as if you are doing everything right.

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I had ordered from Maryott's and Patron for many years. I never had a problem until I did one order from a company in Florida. What a mistake. When I got the rust, I took an entire week off work, trying to fight it. I called Maryott's and was not able to buy the cabrio he recommended, I drove to every small farming community tyring to get some. They had not even heard of it. Bill was not able to sell it, but he said he would replace the plants I ordered from him. I declined, I knew it was sure death for the plants. You cannot beat Maryott's. Three years later and we can buy cabrio online. Bill actually emailed me when it was available online. Barbra

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Good for you. Nobody beats Bill Maryott. I am glad everything is looking good now. Cabrio huh? I haven't heard of it, but since I live in the South, I always worry about rust even though I have been lucky so far.

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Kay, maybe we can go in together and buy some, it cost over $100. I do not think I will need it, if I just buy from Maryott's. Bill sprays all his dayliles as a percaution. I know if I ever get rust again, I will definitely buy it. I do not think I can go thru that again. I lost 79 dayliles from Gilbert Wilds, about 50 from Patron, and about 30 from Maryott's. I started buying dayliles in 1994, when I received a magazine with an add for Gilbert Wilds. I did not even know the diffrence between dormant and evergreen. I just ordered pretty colors. Believe it or not, all the dormant did just great. People use to stop their cars and take picutures of the dayliles in May. I had a hugh semi- circle 3 levels high around a hugh oak tree. It was just beautiful. Barbra

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dementieva(Zone 9 - Houston)

A few thoughts:

I had some rust starting to show up on my plants this spring, and I had the same conversation with Bill Maryott. Cabrio is expensive and only sold in a gigantic container...but you might find that your local daylily club buys the fungicides and shares the cost among the members.

Anyway, previously I had been treating mine with a less effective fungicide based on some older studies published online. When I started seeing rust, I cut back the infected and adjacent leaves, and within a couple weeks I started with the Cabrio, and I'm going to alternate with propiconazole (which I found at a local garden store). It seems to be working.

I don't know how bad your rust was, but there are ways to bring a plant back from it. I can imagine it was a daunting idea to try to do something with your ~150 plants, though.

Also, you can get rust even if you only buy from rust-free vendors. Where I live, there are daylilies all around the neighborhood, so it only takes one person's plant to spread it to everyone. Be proactive and treat preventatively. Hopefully it will work!

Good luck!

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Thanks Nate, it was horrible. I had plants the size of bushel baskets. I dug them up, removed all the leaves, soaked the crown and roots in a bleach- water mixture overnight. Then replanted with new soil. It did not work, the rust came back. I then thought I dug up all the plants and took them to the dump, I remember telling the guy, they had to go in the trash, and could not go with the brush, that gets turned into mulch. Funny, this year, 4 years later, I noticed a daylily is coming up in the old area. The name plate shows it to be Essence of Royalty. I can't believe I have one survivor. Since it is only a small fan, I think I will order the plant again and add it to the one that is there. I remember ordering then, it was the most expensive daylily of my order, today it is only $12. Barbra

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