HAVE: variety of pond plants

bizykatbird(z7 NC 281)March 17, 2005

yellow water iris

water celery

umbrella palm


yellow snowflake

white snowflake

hardy water lilies (unknown colors)

bog lily



I am interested in pond plants especially tropical lillies or lotus, or land plants, make an offer.



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mamabirrd(z5/6 PA)

Hi Kathy
I have Pulmonaria, or Lungwort 'Mrs. Moon'. I'd love to trade for your yellow or white snowflake. Let me know, and thanks a bunch. ~mamabirrd

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BoggsR22(z6 Tn)

Hi Kathy... I have some Lily of the valley commin up and some old time bleeding heart...... If your interested... I'd like to have some of the bog lily.... yellow iris... anything for the water like that!!! if your interested.... yell at me!! Thanks:):)

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Lambruscati(7b VA)

want snowlakes have named lotus tubers

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Please look at My Page and see if there is something you want. Thanks, Lynne

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bizykatbird(z7 NC 281)

your email is blocked, and I couldn't respond directly. You need to email me direct, or unblock it on the members page so I can email you back. I would be interested in some of your daylilies. I don't have snowflakes left for trade, but still have some of everything else and taro as well. LMK

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TheMrAugie(z6 NY)

Hi Kathy,
Great situation you have there in NC! I've only seen guinea fowl ONCE here in Monroe County, NY (near Rochester on Lake Ontario). My son left me here in the cold and now wouldn't move away from Charlotte for anything.

My 6'x8' pond is just open and the 2 goldfish need some parrot feather to romance in (blush) and raise a family in. I raised others successfully three years ago but lost them to the cold. Now they come indoors for the winter... I can trade ostrich fern if you're possibly interested. I'd cut them back and send only the roots, which has been successful in the past since they always come back. If you don't want the ferns maybe I could send some postage. Please LMK, John

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Sean_Whiting(z24 CA)

I would like some Azolla, would you be interested in my dwarf Ajuga 'Chocolate Chip'. Sean

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i'm putting in another pond liner. one of my two ponds has a whole in it. so i replacing that one with a new and bigger pond liner. so far i have liner, fish, pumps, filter, and those things i call water lillies. but i don't know the name of them. they's from louisiana and mostly clog up things here and there. looks like a purple with yellow details orchard. someone tell me the name. i forgot. i once tried to plant aquatic plants in the ponds but the fish have dinner and i had no plants left. i think that maybe i need to get the plants started before the fish go in the new pond. i need instructions from here. i start digging the hole for the liner tomorrow. liner is here in about a week. i am buying some river rocks to put in it , i have the pump and will figure some kind of filter. so what is next?

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nanahanna(a8 AR)

Hi cooncafe...try posting this in the Discussions foroum...I think you will get more help with your new pond questions. This forum is for trading aquatic plants. Good luck. There are a whole bunch of experienced ponders on here who can help you.


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hello i am interested in your umbrella palm, papyrus & taro
I dont have much on my list right now, but will see what else i have and update it tomorrow night. I am just starting our here. have tons of waterplants but very little land stuff. plmk Thanks!

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Would love to trade for your floaters,snowflakes and bog lily. I'm trading garden flags, long burning, votives in little glass flowerpots in floral, fruit or food scents or potpourri. Would you be interested in any of these ??

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