HAVE: Cattail, water lillies, and much more!

greenbean951(Z7: DE-19904)March 26, 2007




Charlene Strawn

BIG un-named white

Surprise-no name, no color lily

Red Odorata

Variegated Cattail

Regular cattail

Black Gamecock iris

Blue Flag iris

Lizard's Tail

Pickeral Rush

make me an offer!!

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Hi! CanÂt believe I actually found someone on the forum from the same town as I am! I saw the picture of your pond and it is really pretty! I am just getting ready to install a little pond this spring so I have no pond plants to trade but will have "land plants" including Echinacea, "Ruby Star", Salvia Farinacea "Victoria", Phlox paniculata "David" and "Eva Cullum", Heliopsis "Summer Sun", Agastache "Honey Bee Blue", Aster "Purple Dome", Monarda "Jacob Kline", Monarda "MarshallÂs Delight", Monarda "Violet Queen", Verbena Bonariensis, bearded iris, daffodil and jonquil bulbs, centranthus ruber, a small purple dutch iris and a soft purple butterfly bush (canÂt remember cultivar). There are probably quite a few other plants that I am forgetting about, which I tend to do when they are not yet up in the garden. I wonÂt have plants to trade until they come up which will be another few weeks. I would be interested in any pond plants you may want to share.

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Pond Plant Girl(9)

Hi: I'm just starting my indoor pond back up after many years. Do you have any plants for postage?


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I would love to trade you for a few of your Water Lilies, even the no name would be fine with me, Can I tempt you with som beautiful Daylilies? Thanks :)Anita

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Hello, My sons just put a pond in for me. I'm so excited! They are good boys....they worked so hard. Will you concider postage for a iris or cattail? Thanks, Sherri

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Was wondering if you stoill hade anything left to trade, I do have more than Daylilies. Garden Web E-mail has not been working.:)Anita

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i would like some of your cattail grass please let me know what you would like for some

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Do you have any for postage?

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isis_nebthet(8b/11suns SoCA)

Interested in blue flag iris and red odorata. I have big divisions of yellow flags, smaller divisions or scirpus olneyi (olney's three square rush), and juncus effusus (common rush). Also have lots of parrots feather.


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SmokyMist(7 East TN)

I am very interested any many of your pond plants. For the pond, I only have a water palm , and chamelion plant.
From your want list I have red spider lily, a large species striped leaf canna lily, a couple of named hostas that I have divided and ready to trade. I know it's been over a month since your initial post, so just getting in here late to see if you might still want to trade.

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