WANTED: Pond Plants

deeter(5)March 19, 2013

I was given a large tractor tire and I'm working it in to the side of my hillside rock garden where it comes down to the lowest level next to the lawn and making it into a pond at the edge of the lawn. It should look very nice when I get it completed.

I am looking for pond plants and floating plants. I don't have pond plants to trade back, but have named iris' and asters I can offer in trade. Some of my iris I have listed on my trade page are new and too small to remove fans, but most are available and need to be divided this year. The fans are just beginning to grow for Spring. The asters grow to be 3' hot pink, 1 1/2' medium purple, and 1 1/2' lavender and are just beginning to grow for the year. They are about 2" tall right now.

I'm not looking for anything that grows taller than a sweet flag as those plants would block the view of my other plants on the hillside behind the pond.

The rock garden is a small hillside tiered down in four layers that is supported by river rock & lava rocks. Each level has iris', day lilies, asters, lavender, spring bulbs and creeping phlox, I'm going to plant tree roses along the upper level to frame the yard area. Above the rock garden is a 150' wide x 20' long band of river rock laid on weed barrier with wooden posts to give a wagon wheel effect in the rocks that supports the weight of the rocks from rolling into the rock garden. The rock garden is about the same size below the rocks on the hillside. It has turned out real nice and sure has saved me a lot of hard work from when I had to mow the hillside with a weed eater to keep the grass and weeds in control. It got to be too dangerous on such a steep bank for these old legs. Plus I have something blooming from Spring till the hard freezes of late Fall to enjoy.

Ideas for plants that might work ? :

Pickerel Weed
Flowering Rush
Sweet Flag
Water Cress
Water Lily
Duck Weed
Lesser Water Parsnip
Water Plantain

Have any suggestions? I'm new to tire ponds and not sure what the best plants would be. Would love a pretty smaller water lily and sweet flag for sure.

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