Picea omorika 'Large Uprights' Photo Gallery 2010

firefightergardener(7/8)June 19, 2010

While eventually I am going to start or add in photos of all the various serbian spruce clones in my garden, I think the large uprights are deserving of a post all their own.

In particular, this might be a good way to compare various large uprights, discover the true identity of some mystery plants and note the many various and different forms of Picea omorika.

Unlike other photo galleries where I'd tend to discourage duplicate plant photos, this is exactly the type of thread to compare, so if you have ANY intermediate to large Picea omorika, let's see them here. I have a lot to add, so I'll start with a handful to get things going.

Picea omorika 'Berliner's Weeper'. One of two I have potted opposite eachother as sentinals from the patio to the garden. One I've staked, the other I've tend go for now. Both seem pretty wide growing, thus far.

'Pendula Bruns'. I'm certain this is the correct cultivar. Showing characteristic narrow, irregular growth. Growing like a weed.

'Pendula Bruns'. An example of what can happen with two leaders. Since snow and bad Winter weather is rare here, I am going to let them both go and see what happens.

'Gotteli Weeping'. Purchased from Bob Fincham at Coenosium gardens. One of the first conifers I've ever bought and it's still trying to find which way is up. Has a different color hue then my other upright weepers.

'Pendula Bruns'. Again, I'm certain the cultivar is correct, it's just developed oddly and now I am actually deciding to encourage the irregular growth. Should be interesting to watch.

'Bruns'. One of my more neglected conifers, this poor guy gets minimal water and only a glance or two each year.

'Aurea'. Supposed to have a very similar growth habit to 'Pendula' or even just the species itself. Gold is beginning to fade though it was BRIGHT gold for at least 6 weeks.


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Adding the rest of my larger picea omorika as this poor forum is as quiet as Hitler's limo ride after Jesse Owen's destroyed them in the olympics.

Picea omorika 'Pendula Bruns'. Seems to be tipping over with new growth, I'm going to watch it closely to see if it rights itself.

Picea omorika 'Berliner's Weeper'. Also seems to be 'spreading' more then I expected.

'Bruns'. Seems to be showing that more characteristic thicker, less weeping form.

'Pendula'. Very narrow so far but not as strictly weeping as 'Pendula Bruns'. The needles also clearly look different.

'Pendula'. Doesn't look much like the plant above, but this is the name I bought it as.

'Pendula Bruns'. Another one that seems to be growing so fast it's turning upside down.

'Pendula Bruns'. Bought originally as 'Weeping Serbian Spruce, Bruns', but the consensus from the conifer experts here is that this specimen was 'Pendula Bruns'. Super heavy growth in it's second year and also growing irregularly. Loads of small purple cones also dot the upper 1/3 of the tree. Skirt to about 3' wide.


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bluespruce53(Dorset UK)

Picea omorika 'Kuck Weeping'

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Would love to see more of your plants in these galleries Blue, you have so much to offer to the community. Let's new fellows like me know when my plants will run together!


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steg(z6 SW Cleveland)

Haha, geeze dude, how many different Pendula Bruns do you have?!? Very nice, thanks for sharing!


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lol Steg, I think a handful more small grafts here and there. Should either be very pretty or very chaotic when they all begin to head skyward! Too much of a good thing?

Here's another neat one that is growing like CRAZY now.

Picea omorika x pungens 'Kosterii'. Reputed to have similar characteristics to picea omorika yet with the strong blue color of picea pungens. My side branches are growing much more then I'd like, I'm contemptlating either pruning back their growth or expanding the island it's growing in. Seems likely to push another foot or so of growth(!).


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gardener365(5b Illinois USA)

Will, Dennis Hermsen will have to tell the story of pungens Kosteri x omorika -- when he decides to join the forum. There's a guy named Dr. Ed Hasselkus who developed this plant, and, apparently there's correcting needing to be made -- to the nomenclature.

Keep up your good work, thanks....


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gardener365(5b Illinois USA)

I have the information via Dennis Hermsen from Dr. Ed Hasselkus:

"Allan Troemner, a technician in the University of Wisconsin-Madison Forestry
Department made this intentional cross between Picea omorika and Picea
pungens 'Koster'. He presented me with 2 plants of this hybrid in 1972.

I later named it Picea x 'Troemner' in his honor."

Hermsen says: "This is a full size tree with the best of both it's parents."


p.s. Will - would you please post another photo of your plant with the correct name and the incorrect name in (paranthesis) - so Google and Search Engines pick up the information (now, and every time in the future)? Thanks!

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Done Dax, thanks for sharing.(I'm also going to include a photo in the 'uncommon spruce' thread as well).

Picea x Troemner (A hybrid of Picea omorika and Picea pungens 'Koster'). Rapidly growing cultivar has the coloration of a Picea pungens with some green/silvery hues and the grow rate and habit of Picea omorika. Named after Allan Troemner a plant technician from the University of Wisconsin-Madison Forestry Department.

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coniferjoy(z7 The Netherlands)

Dennis and Dax, many thanks for inform us about this name correction, I just chanced the name in my collectionlist!

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