HAVE: boxwoods

keithruckMarch 17, 2010

Is anyone in need of small boxwoods? My neighbor has some that they are willing to give, figured I'd offer it up here or hold until the next local trade, if there is any interest.

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How big are they? How many do they have? My neighbors are hoping to dig some up at Greenelephants give away, but they need 20.

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If compact variety we might be able to use them here at camp in Auburn. If not, we'll skip as I'm getting away from the things that need a lot of trimming to look good. Work party comes Mem. Day weekend.

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It looks like there are about 30-40 plants, all about 12-18 inches tall. They were planted way too close together, so they are very upright, but where there has been thinning they are already starting to show new green growth lower on the trunks.

My neighbor would like to have these removed asap so she can continue her garden redesign, so treepalm and Corrine, let's make arrangements asap.

I live in Snoho county (just North of Monroe) and work in Redmond, so with 24 hour warning I can pull them up and meet you, or you are welcome to come this way and take your pick.


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Still no takers; I'll be helping my neighbor pull these out this weekend, so if anyone wants them please give me a call.


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