HAVE: Fragaria chiloensis, Cardoons, Rhubarb, Plume poppies

akebia(8a Western WA)March 30, 2007

Fragaria chiloensis: Native evergreen strawberry for full sun. It belongs here.

Flower is white; rarely if ever fruits.

Nifty native, drought-tolerant groundcover that fills in fast... and keeps going by runners.

Pretty sure you could walk on it. Maybe have a square dance on it.

Cardoon: You can eat the stalks, but I prefer to watch it grow to 9 feet tall and produce big, purply blue, thistlelike flowers. So do all the neighbors, who're always gasping in awe.

Rhubarb: My favorite is rhubarb apple crisp. Why do people like strawberry rhubarb pie? Must be sourpusses. ;-)

Plume poppies: 6-9 foot pinkish beige plumes. Sends runners to form a feathery little forest.

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Any interest in a persicaria red dragon or astrantia ruby wedding seedlings for a plume poppy?

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