HAVE: Mature Yucca /Outdoors (species?soft leaf, flowering)

emeraldcityMarch 7, 2009

Photos avail. Have several mature/large Yucca plants. Don't a great deal about them, but they are low-maintenance evergreen shrubs. These are not the spiny/cactus type; they are soft leaved, and have fragrant cylindrical flowering stems. They are striking and would look great with grasses. The an be divided and propogate easily as well. I know they are frequently grown indoors, but these are quite large to very large/tall (few to several feet tall) and would only be appropriate for indoors if divided and placed into large containers.

TRADE: I am a completely novice gardner but finally going about the task of doing "something" significant in the yard. Interested in trading for mature plants: 1. cover needed for long 4 ft fence, so evergreen shrubs that are not a lot taller than 4' at maturity and/or climbing vines/plants 2. herbs 3. open to other flowering plants or interesting ground cover!

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