What are you adding this year?

maximus7116(MI)April 14, 2014

I'm getting antsy to see everyone's photos and am curious about what people are adding this year. Anyone care to share?

I'm adding several of Hanson's new intros, some from Paul Owen and a just a couple from the Lily Auction.

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Maryl zone 7a

I vowed to add only 2 new ones (to me at least) this year after gifting away my excess last year. Well, that didn't last. My excuse is that I have to replace at least some of the daylilies I lost during our hard winter in addition to those two new ones......So goes promises to oneself............I'll be interested to see how Paul Owens daylilies do for you. Someone told me that some of his intros may not be colorfast in our climate. Something that is very important to me......Maryl

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I made the same vow, Maryl, but I'm going to use the excuse of the longest winter ever that made me order more. FYI, I already grow a couple Owens intros that do very well here.

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I don't know. I could tell you nothing, and I did add a lot in the fall, but I usually buy some things. I am avoiding the auction, I can tell you that.


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Well Mantis, I have surveyed my "kingdom" and it appears that I lost nothing to the armadillo. Thanks goodness. Brazen Bandit was moved in the fall, and It is settling in nicely in it's new (better) site. There are several tender new fans that have emerged.

However, I will be adding (at least) one daylily. Jazz After Five died, and I love that one, so I will replace it.


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Chris, are you adding Nelson Mandela as one of your Hansons?

Kay, glad that the severe winter did not affect you badly. Glad too that we don't have to deal with armadillos, though moles can damage a lot of plants here.

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Kay, it sounds like you might not have fared as bad as others with this crazy winter. If you like Jazz After Five that much, I might have to look at that one!

Mantis, I was tempted by Nelson Mandela, but guess I was in a pink mood when I got the catalog so I ordered Occupy Your Garden and Diana Cooke Tuppeny. From Paul Owen I ordered Threshold of a Dream, Running for the Border and some others. Spring can't get here soon enough.

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Chris, I think everyone is still a bit sour from the overbearing winter; and now I see a forecast for a hotter than normal summer for much of the country. But yes, I did order some, including some Norrises (Sam Abell, Belief in Vein, Works for Me). I am paying more attention to what I see growing in gardens in this area. I am quite sluggish this month, maybe because I am still suffering aftershock from the winter.

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shive(6b TN)

The colder it got last winter, the more I ordered. LOL! I really can't remember all I have coming. I know I have Acquired Arcadian Bliss, a Hanson , Red Edition from Floyd Cove, and Diamond Cutter by Holley coming. I just this week received a couple of fancy edged patterned eyes by Petit: Inviting Romance and Mystic Butterfly. I also ordered a couple of Maryott's newer intros. Also I've reordered several I lost over the winter, so I'll probably be getting some nice new bonuses with those.


This post was edited by shive on Fri, Apr 18, 14 at 20:16

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I had to look up most of these that are being added, and really like the looks of Belief in Vein and the flounced white edge on Red Edition. Acquired Arcadian Bliss is one I look forward to seeing in your garden.

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Nancy zone 6

So far I don't think I have any missing after this winter, although a couple have shrunk, one to only 1 fan.
The ones I would love to add are out of my budget, so I'll have to wait til they come down. I do want to add a couple of patterned daylilies though, but I probably will wait til fall.

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hello everyone don't post much but really enjoy reading these forums. when everything is said and done I think I will have added about 70 this year, just really got into daylilies about 2 yrs. ago as my roses keep taking hits from the Japanese beetles and old man winter. I added 3 Norris cultivars this year Sam Abell - Purple Passions Promise - Remembered Kisses about 12 karol Emmerich intro's, new and old about 10 Hanson intros all 2009 or older I believe & 7 Mary Jane Meadows intro's old and new plus others. I hope that I can figure out how to upload the pictures and share like so many of you do here, it's such a treat to see them all - happy gardening everyone

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Hubcap, it sounds like you've been bitten by the daylily bug. I also had rose/Japanese beetle issues and that's when my daylily addition really hit. You've got some great hybridizers on your list, so be sure to post photos when you can.

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This will be my 3rd year growing Daylilies and I am anxious to add to my collection. I may have went a little overboard.

Order #1
All Fired Up
Banned In Boston
Beautiful Edgings
Darla Anita
El Desperado
Elegant Candy
Inherited Wealth
Insider Trading
Kwanza Gold
Orange Velvet
Pearl Harbor
Polynesian Love Song
Prickled Petals
Sabine Bauer
Sherry Lane Carr
Strawberry Fields Forever
Tyrolean Treasure
Wisest Of Wizards

Order #2
Cherry Burst
Coral Majority
Cretaceous Crunch
Dragons Eye (Tet.)
Enduring Freedom
Eye On The Sparrow
Flight Of The Raven
Joan Derifield
Raspberry Sickle
Seventy Times Seven

They should arrive hopefully next week, I'm getting excited and am hopeful that I will see blooms this year on many of these.


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I have added the following daylilies:

MEGATRON (Gossard)
LUCKY DEBUT (Bennett) (Gift)
FAT AND FOXY (Bennett) (Gift)
WILLOW DEAN SMITH (Rice) (Thanks to all of the images that have been posted)
RUBY STORM (Stamile)


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Gale, you've got a great list coming. I've grown quite a few of these and especially love Joan Derifield, Beautiful Edgings and Inherited Wealth.

David, you'll need to post photos so I can see what your newbies look like. I'm not familiar with many of them and love being introduced to new daylilies by forum members. WDS is the only one I grow, but I didn't get to see it bloom last year. AB is supposed to be an outstanding purple.

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David, I love the names for the daylilies you selected - very interesting.

I'm being careful - as in don't order too many - this year. Added four Judy Davisson daylilies, including Mean Green, High Water Mark, Lost in the Toy Store and Divas in Diamonds. Waiting to hear that two others are shipping: Musical Melody and Volusion Spider.

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deangreen(7b OK)

I don't know if it counts what I've already added and hope to see bloom this year... ? but what I've been watching grow all spring and now seeking out scapes on are the new ones I put in last fall, North Wind Moe, Plum Jam, Bears Can Fly, Teenie Girl, Party Array, Baby Dragon's Tongue, Planetary Purple, and Yorktown Beach. woo hoo! :)

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jean_ar(z8 Ar)

I can not add any new daylilies this year, but, their is a couple on your lists that I would surely love to get,if I could afford any.Things keep biting the dust around here that has to be replaced.Like for one, a window ac went out and have to get it fixed. wont go into everything that has to be fixd or replaced. but,I love that Joan Derrifield daylily. maybe some day,I can get it.


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I'm seeing som nice additions and looking forward to seeing photos. Dean, I really like North Wind Moe and Yorktown Beach.

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I have received all and have them planted. I am hoping that I may see some blooms from them this year, about half of the ones I planted the same time last year bloomed, shorter scapes and fewer buds than stats indicated, but still pretty.

Jean, the Joan Derrifield was $8 plus shipping, I received 3 fans. I purchased from the site listed in the Daylily sale post made about 3 weeks ago on here.

Maximus, That's what I like to hear and I picked those because I read a lot of similar posts about them.


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Gale, Joan Derifield is an outstanding daylily here in Michigan. The watermark is beautiful, and wait until you get a look at those tree trunk scapes!

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