Groaning Season in MN

mnwsgal 4 MN(4)April 7, 2011

Finally, some warm days and only one corner of the front garden is covered with snow. The ornamental grasses were cut back yesterday and today I removed mulch from plants and cut old stems.

Many of the plants are still green from last fall. Some of the tattered leaves were removed and other leaves in good shape were left

Two purple crocus are blooming on the east side of the house and daffodils, tulips, and alliums are pushing their way through the soil.

I'm delighted with the warmer weather and chance to work in the garden again. Yet, my body is groaning after all the bending over and other work. A hot bath was so soothing.

Happy spring to you all.

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Spring has been unusually cold here so I'm just now getting a chance to clear winter debris out of the beds even though I had to work in the freezing rain to do it!

There's SO much pushing up through the soil--irises, ladybells, garden phlox, delphinium, lupine, painted daisy, lady's mantle, cushion spurge, monarda--most of them grown from seed last year via winter sowing. It's like waiting to open a gift, knowing most will bloom this year for the first time. I'm also surprised at the number of them that are apparently evergreen.

Dwarf daffodils began blooming a couple of days ago so there's finally very welcome color (other than white, gray or brown) in the garden again.

I'll second your wish--happy spring folks!

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Hey gardenweed, you're a few zones warmer that those of us in Wisconsin and Minnesota, so we have those pleasures to look forward to. In the meantime the harsh winter sure has taken its toll on our landscapes here. Looking around I see that the snowblowers and plows have left a lot of debris, and the mountains of ice they created have left my lawn still full of puddles and mud. I dare not get out there to work yet - I may do more damage than good. Instead I'll just make my to-do lists and do some extra exercises to get in better shape after the long winter. I'm not complaining (although I'm very good at it), just anxious to get started and ready to feel that warm sun on my old bones.

And I'll third that thought - Welcome Spring!

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freezengirl(3aMN and 5AK)

My daughter in Minnesota has been calling me in Alaska several times a week with garden questions. Her office is upstairs above the garden areas and I think she has been staring out the windows cursing the snow for the last month! I told her where to spot the little hidden gem areas peaking up through the first of the spring thaws about the different areas of the property. If I had to leave my beloved Minnesota gardens at least I got to leave them in the hands of my even more beloved daughter.

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I know how you feel elctj and can definitely relate. Hope these brighten up your day:

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freezengirl(3aMN and 5AK)

Yep my day just got brighter seeing your photos!

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Oh YES, those daffodils are smiling at me. Thanks so much - you give me something to look forward to!

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