WANTED: I want to complain about wild ducks

my_kids(6a)April 13, 2008

man I am so upset last fall my husband set up a temporary greenouse around our pond. and it was nice for the first 3 months we checked it every other day and then we started checking it weekly and then it was every 3 weeks. Everything inside of it was always green and the temp stayed at 70- 82 at all times I was very very happy. everything was in it. from the water lilies (tropical), lotus, water fern, hyacinths, parrots feather, water clover, water iris, cattails, water lettuce, & taro (green and chocolate) everything was going great then last week I went out to check it again. as I was approaching the pond I hear quacking and splashing water. I did not see anything at first then I walked around to the other side the ducks made a hole in the other side and gained entry, I lost everything. what did not die from the cold weather the little monsters ate. I am so angry. hundreds of dollars down the drain and if that is not good enough they ripped that liner. no mind you I have 4 ponds. and that was the only one covered. why did they go for that one? I will never understand it. so I wanted to vent. we thought we were doing so well and then we get taken by a flock of freekin ducks.

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Nancy zone 6

I'm so sorry! Who would have thought about ducks doing that. They must have been looking for a heated swimming pool, I would never think about them being smart enough to figure out how to break in.

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well starting over yet again. dumb ducks. I will never look at another duck the same again. and next year I will have to come up with a better plan.

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got some very good deals on ebay for more plants.

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get an alligator.

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