HAVE: Albert Greenberg

nomadh(10-11/so cal)April 3, 2005

My tropical Al Greenberg had lots of pups and I'm looking to trade them for something I don't have. (Hows that for descriptive:) I have not dug them up yet but it looks like lots of tubers with beginning growth and multiple leaves. I prefer tropical, vivip, highly mottled or otherwise interesting leaves, red or autum non purple, smaller, easy to flower and tough. Perhaps queen of siam afterglow carla's sonshine, golden west or green smoke. Perhaps also panama pacific or tina. Also may be interested in an interesting hardy waterlily or lotus. I know there is no lily that seems to fit everything I'm looking for so I'm just looking for the best fit I quess. Thanks for reading and let me know.

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Hello, what hardies are you interested in?


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nomadh(10-11/so cal)

I was curious about helvola and there was a small red that sounded nice (frobelii???) and I think there was a crysantha. Thats off the top of my head. If no one wants to trade for my first choices then I'd do a trade for some hardies like these.

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Lambruscati(7b VA)

Ihave lotus tubers

Striking Lightest Pink
Flowers Edged in Dark Pink


SemiDouble 8-10'' Blooms
White with Red Streaks


Small to Med.Spread Lotus

Rosy Pink Double Blooms
Up to 2 FT Water Depth
let me know

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nomadh(10-11/so cal)

Anyone else have something to trade? These greenbergs are only getting bigger.

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SaKrdWmn(z6 PA)

I am looking for Albert Greenbergs, but I am just starting out so I have nothing to trade at this point. I could do postage if that is desirable. Sorry...I'm just a newbie...Thank you for your consideration.

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I have lots of hardy waterlilies if you are interested. grannylee

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nomadh(10-11/so cal)

Sure granny let me know what small/dwarf hardies you have. Everyone, I still have a few more albert greenbergs available. Still hoping for a greensmoke trade. LMK

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