WANTED: Thanks NeonKat

green4life(8 Oregon!)March 14, 2005

I just wanted to thank Kat for planning the great plant swap in SE Portland this past Sunday. My mom and I went and had a blast! I even got a large luscious bamboo plant this is now gracing my patio and looks gorgeous!!!

Thanks so much for your generosity, hospitality, and planning! I can't wait to do this again!


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pdxjules(8, Portland, OR)

Yes - I had fun too - thanx so much for making it happen.

Am enjoying the follow-up plant puttering.
I tucked a couple of those Forget-Me-Nots
in the spot where my housemates' dog dug
EVERYthing I planted up, repeatedly.

T-Bone has gone on to Doggie Heaven now,
and I think Kurt will appreciate knowing
that those flowers were planted to acknowledge
the major role that dawg played in his life.

All-in- all - it was a good Swap.
I think the guy who potted up
and brought along the CA Bay Laurel branch
must be still chuckling.
(Hope nobody plants that thing!)

Now that I think about it - a branch from a *Cooking* Bay would be a good thing...haven't had one in years. Anyone have one I can snip?

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pdxjules(8, Portland, OR)

Hi Kat & Mike -

Want to send this one on to your Exchange list?

See you there:

Plant Swap: Hosted by Pistils Nursery
1-6 PM Sat - March 26
on North Mississippi, in Portland.

Pistils is located near Amnesia Brewing - where I'll probably go afterward...
north of Fremont, and south of Alberta.
Tri-Met Bus lines 4 or 40.

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neonkat(z8 PDX)

Amy & Julie - You are most welcome! It was a lot of fun and we figured about 40 people participated - I was pleasantly surprised. I've checked this site a few times lately, but just figured out that the most recent postings are at the bottom - duh. Sorry for the delayed response.

Hey Julie - we went to the swap at Pistols but I think it got rained out. I didn't have much anyway. I had put a whole tray of plants to take out on my retaining wall, went back in the house to get my keys, got sidetracked for about 30 minutes and when I went back out my plants were gone! ugh.

What's the deal with the CA Bay Laurel? It was one of the few plants left (apparently for good reason), and I was thinking it had nice green glossy leaves, and maybe I could find a place for it. But after reading your posting I think it might have been some insider horticultural joke.

My swappin stock's a little depleted right now. I do still have shasta daisies, purple bearded iris, purple yarrow, bamboo, black eyed susans, lots of daffodils and a beautiful climbing red rose called "blaze" that would probably start easy with a cutting. Seeds - I have sugar snap peas(vine), OR Giant snow peas(bush), a couple different beets and some blue sweet peas.

I'm looking for a variety of bamboo, ginger, salvia, veggie seeds and starts... gotta work on my wish list. Wildlife attracting plant.

Take care everyone!

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