WANTED: succulents and/or agaves for issaquah trade?

flora2(7)March 19, 2007


I love these and have a few. Anyone interested in trading? Please let me know. And yes, you do need real love for these--considering you have to possibly bring them in when it starts getting cold.


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sedum_gal(z8, Seattle)

Hi Flora! :o)
I'm thinking about making an appearance at the Issaquah trade, and I do have a couple different Agaves I could part with, as well as some different sedums and succulents.
I'll send you names/descriptions tomorrow...
Did you ever get a Gunnera? I have one G. manicata in a gallon pot if you'd like it.
My trade list is MIA still, but I'll try to get something together in the next few days.
Looking forward to this year's GW swaps!


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grrrnthumb(z8 WA)

I have a couple of pups that I would consider separating from my Century Plant Agave, A. americana.

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Hi Lisa: I'd go to the trade if it were just to see you! It has been so long. I am very happy for your offers. No, I do not have the gunnera yet--I'd love to get yours (Don't ask me where it is going to go in my garden--I'll worry about that later :)
I will do my best to come up with things you might not have (that is quite a challenge, but I do promise to find something --and I will keep my fingers crossed (all of them).
grrrnthumb: I read your page and it sounds like you and I like the same plants :)
Would you be interested in some Castor Bean plants? They are quite exotic and look very tropical. I also have a rooted Brugmansia (the trick is that lost the tag so I could not tell you the variety :(. I might find it later in my mess of tags and such (but that does not help you now, does it?
Even if these trades don't work out, it gives me comfort to know there are other people around (just like me) lugging around plants in and out of the garage--just like I did yesterday when they said it was going to snow :(

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grrrnthumb(z8 WA)

Hi Flora, thank you very much for those offers. I have so many castor bean seeds that I think I'll just sow them outdoors this year, and I already have my share of no-id brugs. :^) But I just made some cuttings off my Charles Grimaldi brug last night. It's yellow, fades to orange. Very fragrant. They might be rooted by the trade next month if you want me to bring one. You don't have a trade list up anywhere do you?
- Tom

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sedum_gal(z8, Seattle)

Flora, I'm really looking forward to seeing you too, and all my Gardenweb friends (fiends?)... :o)
I'll put the Gunnera aside for you. And don't worry, when it comes to gunnera placement, it's Don't Ask, Don't Tell---I'm infamous for taking on plants without the first clue where to put them, but in time, a space usually makes itself known.
The agaves I have to trade are small, but I can possibly bring you 3 species, and some other interesting succulents.
I'll be bringing a BUNCH of freebies too, as my mother-of-all-pot-ghettoes needs thinning, and those plants deserve a good home....
See you later this month!


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Sedum Gal, grrrnthumb:
Is any of you interested in "Mother of thousands". I love this plant--the pictures I have seen does not do it justice--and for all I know you already have it, but I thought I'd mention it. Please let me know. Thanks

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grrrnthumb(z8 WA)

Flora thank you for the offer, but I already had one; gave mine away. Thanks though. :^)
- Tom

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OK. I will keep looking. Why don't you e-mail me privately so I don't bore everyone with my "pathetic efforts" to try to find something for your garden :) ?
I have a couple of ideas you might like. Thanks

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grrrnthumb(z8 WA)

Sure, you can reach me at plants@hulsetile.com . When I try and send an email through the GW site they haven't been going through, so you might want to email direct.
- Tom

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